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About Saga region construction emigration support project (emigration support gold system)

We emigrate in Saga from Tokyo's 23 wards (resident or commuter), and emigration support gold found a job in company published as target job offer is provided with money of emigration support from municipalities of emigration ahead in employment matching site that the metropolis and districts operate.


Summary of emigration support gold system

Supply eligible people

We correspond to all next, and there are necessary requirements.


  1. It is necessary to correspond to all of next matters.

  Person who lived in Tokyo's 23 wards in total more than five years in ten years to move a resident's card just before that or Tokyo metropolitan area (we say Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa. The following

   Have the same; is which commuted to Tokyo's 23 wards more than five years among) as of three months ago local, live and to move resident's card except condition disadvantage area in total.

    Continue right before move b resident's card; and more than one year in Tokyo's 23 wards living-in-; or live in area except condition disadvantage area of Tokyo metropolitan area, in Tokyo's 23 wards went to work

   (but, about period of commuting in Tokyo's 23 wards, we can do three months ago to move resident's card with the starting point of reckoning of one year concerned).  


 ※ The following municipalities correspond with condition disadvantage area. 

  • Tokyo: Hinohara-mura, Okutama-machi, Oshima-machi, Toshima-mura, Niijima-mura, Kozushima-mura, Miyake-mura, Mikurajima-mura, Hachijo-machi, Aogashima-mura, Ogasawara-mura
  • Saitama: Chichibu-shi, Hanno-shi, Honjo-shi, Tokigawa-machi, Yokoze-machi, Minano-machi, Ogano-machi, Higashichichibu-mura, Kamikawa-machi
  • Chiba: Tateyama-shi, Katsuura-shi, Kamogawa-shi, Futtsu-shi, Isumi-shi, Minamiboso-shi, Tohnosho-machi, Chonan-machi, Otaki-machi, Onjuku-machi, Kyonan-machi
  • Kanagawa: Yamakita-machi, Manazuru-machi, Kiyokawa-mura

   2. In that moved into in Saga after October 1, 2019, it is money of support with intention to continue from application more than five years, and to live.

   3. That it was found a job in corporation published in employment matching site that the metropolis and districts operated as job offer targeted for support.
        ※ Employment to corporation acting as duties that relative within the third degree of employee takes management such as representative, board member on is excluded.

        ※ Employment matching site that Saga operates is "Saga U-turn navigator".


Supply amount of money

  • Alone        600,000 yen
  • Household (more than two people) 1 million yen


Municipalities (2020) where are provided with emigration support gold

In 2020, it is for the following cases that moved into to 15.

Saga-shi, Karatsu-shi, Tosu-shi, Taku-shi, Imari-shi, Takeo-shi, Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Kiyama-cho, Arita-cho, Omachi-cho, Kouhoku-machi, Shiroishi-cho, Tara-cho


Application method

You attach application and required document, and please apply to emigration post in charge of emigration municipalities.

※ For more details, please refer to counter in charge of each following municipalities.


Emigration support gold counter in charge (municipalities)

Municipalities name

Counter in charge 

Contact information 


 Regional Policy Division

0952 (40) 7210


 Emigration domiciliation, traffic Policy Division

0955 (53) 7149


 General Policy Division

0942 (85) 3511


 General Policy Division

0952 (75) 2116


 Invitation of enterprises, Commerce and Industry Division

0955 (23) 2172


 House support section

0954 (23) 9221


Plan Finance Division

0954 (63) 2101


 Plan Policy Division

0954 (66) 9117


 Planning Division

0952 (37) 0102


 Domiciliation promotion section

0942 (92) 7920


 Town development section

0955 (46) 2990


 Plan Policy Division

0952 (82) 3112


 Policy Division

0952 (86) 5612


 Comprehensive Strategy section

0952 (84) 7132


 Plan business and industry section

0954 (67) 0312


Flow of application procedure

Flow of procedure


Reference materials


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 It is employment information site that Saga operates. We support person who is looking for work and job offer activity of company in Saga.

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