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We carry out the last "convenience store medical examination" this year

The last update date:

September 25, 2019
(specific medical examination, thing about healthy event)
Person in charge of National Health Insurance Division National Health Insurance medical care charge Fukuchi Tanimoto

0952-25-7057 direct to extension number 1568 1617
(thing about blood donation)
Pharmaceutical Division pharmaceutical affair, blood charge
Person in charge Tsutsui Hirao
0952-25-7082 direct to extension number 1893 1892
(thing about cancer screening)
Health Promotion Division cancer destruction special countermeasures room
Person in charge Kitajima Noda, Kumagaya
0952-25-7491 direct to extension number 1858 1859
(thing about agreement of Saga and Ms.)
Welfare Division general adjustment charge
Person in charge Kihara Kumamoto
0952-25-7249 direct to extension number 1526 1525


                We carry out the last "convenience store medical examination" this year


Saga and Ms. "health promotion! Based on agreement about cooperation and cooperation with Saga and Ms. for improvement in consultation rate of identification medical examination and cancer screening of citizen of the prefecture

We can turn and cooperate and work.
We carried out 14 times, convenience store medical examination (specific medical examination, cancer screening) utilizing low Sommi's Kihara shop in total as one of the approaches by May, 2019 from August, 2014, and, as for the number of the past total of testees, it was 1,493.

We carry out the last convenience store medical examination and health event this year as follows in cooperation with medical insurer (note 2) who is driven by conduct of private business person (note 1) concerned and specific medical examination on Sunday, September 29.

We can receive health check to be able to easily make the measurement by InBody (in body) which is device analyzing health water, protein, mineral, body fat which is base component constituting body as healthy event of the day or the bone health measurement, blood flow measurement into. In addition, we establish healthy information corners such as display of sampling sampling (buran bread) and 1 kg of fat model and breast cancer palpation model and accept health consultation by health nurse of the prefecture. In addition, we perform introductions of food model of vegetables with need to take in per day and low salt product.
In addition, convenience store medical examination comes to need prior application, but even anyone is free of charge, and healthy event can participate without application.

Note 1) Lawson Inc., Ms.
Note 2) Saga-shi, association of national health insurance (association kempo) Saga Branch


1 date and time Sunday, September 29, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00
     ※Reception desk until 11:00 a.m. (only as for the prior applicant)


2 place low Sommi's Kihara shop
    (compound facility "soiyokane", 1-24, Kihara, Saga-shi for elderly people)


3 contents
(1) Specific medical examination utilizing convenience store
(2) cancer screening utilizing convenience store
  ※Please refer to attachment flyer for consultation eligible people.
(3) Summary of healthy event
 ○Health check corner
   The measurement by InBody (in body) or the bone healthy measurement, blood flow measurement
 * Sampling sampling
 ○Reporting corner (panel display) about health
 ○Consultation corner by health nurse
 ○Introduction of food model and low salt product


Blood donation (from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00/from 13:30 p.m. to 16:00) on the same day held 4
  We perform 400 ml of blood donation with blood donation bus of Saga Red Cross blood donation center.

     ※Blood donation is different from convenience store medical examination in the end time.

5 reference materials
(1) Medical examination flyer of convenience store
(2) Flyer of blood donation
(3) About the current situation and convenience store medical examination of specific medical examination, cancer screening of Saga



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