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"Stop! We carry out child abuse street campaign 2019

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 November 11, 2019

Department of Health and Welfare part Children and Families Division

Person in charge Masaki, Tanabe

Direct 0952-25-7056



"Stop! We carry out child abuse street campaign 2019

Early detection, early correspondence are important to prevent pitiful case by child abuse.

In Saga to citizens of the prefecture "do not do child abuse. We do not permit child abuse. We put together for "child abuse prevention promotion month" of November to have you raise awareness, you notify if you discover child abuse and carry out street campaign as follows.




 1. Date and time Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 14:00 to 15:00 (plan)


 2. Three neighborhood of place "Yumetaun Saga" doorway [the front doorway, Nishide entrance, restaurant area doorway]


          (Hyogo, Saga-shi north 5-14-1)


 3. Appeal of contents child abuse prevention


(1) Enlightenment leaflet distribution   1,000 pieces

(2) Enlightenment goods distribution


(3) Upbound flag notice


(4) Public information by Saga child care support character "sagappii"


 4. Participant     Non profit organization victim support network Saga VOISS

            Nonprofit corporation stew Dent support face

Saga child nursing home meeting

Saga The Prefectural Police Headquarters human body security, Juvenile Division

Saga center child consultation center

Saga Children and Families Division             

                           Around 13 people in total




○Victim support network Saga VOISS

   Perform solution in question or care of mind to have for assault, injury, murder, sexual crime, domestic violence, stoker damage, crime victims such as traffic crimes and the family, and of the whole society

 Non profit organization which works for the purpose of social realization to guarantee right to plan uplift of victim support awareness, and to spend in anyone in peace safely.


○Stew Dent support face (S.S.F)

   We work on independence support of young fellow such as children and NEET, part-time jobber with maladaptive problems such as school refusal, stop-at-home, delinquency.

  We relate to maintenance of support network, holding, child care of administration, Work support, on-site training and sporting event of free space mainly on consultation activity of "visit type"

 Nonprofit corporations which carries out various activities such as issuance of information magazine.

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
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