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We carry out the year-end ⼀⻫ control such as ⾷ product, additive in 2019

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 November 27, 2019

Department of Health and Welfare Hygiene Division

Person in charge pine snow, Nagashima

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We carry out year-end sweeps such as food, additive

 Because various kinds of food circulates in large quantities in a short term for New Year holidays, the hygienic handling of food and appropriate indication are accomplished, or the simultaneous nationwide control is performed every year.

We carry out sweep as follows at the end of the year to prevent outbreak such as food poisoning due to food in this prefecture.

Because, as for the winter season, food poisoning, infection with norovirus tends to increase, of attached sheet "let's be careful about norovirus"; do for o reference, and let's act for prevention of infection.



1 implementation period

  From Monday, December 2, 2019 to Friday, December 27, 2019


2 conduct methods

  We watch prefectural bottom all at once, and food sanitation inspector posting in the prefecture 5 Public Health and Welfare Office supervises among production, processing, distribution of food, sale facility.

  In addition, we take food to go in addition and we carry out examination inspection (examination of removal) in Pharmaceutical Sanitation Center, the Meat Standards Inspection Center and act for discovery, exclusion of violation food.


3 conduct target

  Monitoring target 1,000 facility

  110 removal inspection aims (except simple inspection such as indication contents)


Facility on-site inspection execution plan of first day of 4 (December 2)

  In the Central Saga Public Health and Welfare Office, we plan the next monitoring control.

  [the date and time] Monday, December 2, 2019 9:50 a.m.

  [place] Red cabbage Tafuse store (1-6-50, Tafuse, Saga-shi)





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