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We held inhabitants briefing session about the first ocean wind-generated electricity

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In Saga, we examined possibility of the ocean wind-generated electricity business invitation to Karatsu-shi and the Genkaicho offing based on "law (re-energy sea area usage) about promotion of the use of sea area pertaining to maintenance of marine renewable energy generation facilities" and held the first briefing session for the people concerned such as the outskirts inhabitants of the candidate sea area that thought that it was promising as follows.


1 purpose

   We explain marine wind-generated electricity targeting at candidate sea area neighborhood inhabitants of marine wind-generated electricity business invitation and grasp problem and concern by business invitation.


2 dates, place

Madarashima venue

  ・Date Saturday, November 30, 2019

  ・House (3-3, Chinzeimachimadarashima, Karatsu-shi) of place Madarashima old man rest

Genkai-cho venue

  ・Date Sunday, December 1, 2019

  ・Place Genkai-cho townsman Hall event hall (Oaza, Genkai-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun Nitta 1809-6)


3 explanation contents

(1) About approach of the prefecture (Saga New Energy Industries Division)   PDF Explanation material (Saga) We open with the other window(PDF: 2.13 megabytes)

(2) Summary (association of Japan wind-generated electricity) of marine wind-generated electricity

(3) Experience ... (ocean energy fishery symbiosis center) in - Goto-shi, Nagasaki made with the ocean wind power that area and fishery prosper

(4) Report (makes) about influence that marine wind-generated electricity gives for sightseeing

(5) Questions and answers


4 and others

  The second briefing session is scheduled in place same as the first briefing session before 2019





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