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We hold the first "Saga High School vibrio battle"

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 December 4, 2019

Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Lifelong Learning Division

Person in charge Hirose, Tanaka

Direct 0952-25-7313



We hold the first "Saga High School vibrio battle"

 We hold "Saga High School vibrio battle" according to the attachment flyer for the first time to plan more promotion of book-reading activities of high school student in the prefecture.

 "Vibrio battle" is intellectual book review battle introducing recommended book to for game sense, and meeting for high school students is said to be Koshien of book.

 There was entry of 26 people from ten prefecture High School this time. Champion of meeting will be invited to national convention held in Tokyo in January, and exciting game is expected.

 As watching games of meeting is free, and prior application is unnecessary, do you not vote for favorite book after visit by all means?


1 holding date and time Saturday, December 14, 2019 (Raiwa 1) 13:00 ... (going to be finished at 16:00)


2 holding places main venue: Saga The Prefectural Library the first floor "kokorozashino forest" ※Character of forest of "kokorozashino forest" is original kanji composed of three books.

           2-1-41, Jonai, Saga-shi

       Qualifier venue: (1)Prefectural office old building the second floor "prefectural office CLASS" (2) the first floor "EN not to get" (3) prefectural office new building the first floor of the basement "SAGA CHIKA"


Person who 3 participant publishers (Butler) are students such as each the prefecture high school, and wish to participate. 26 ten schools are entries.

      Watching games is free in anyone, and prior application is unnecessary.


4 meeting schedules, 12:30 - acceptance

         <main venue: kokorozashino forest>

          ・13:00 - opening of a meeting, greetings

          ・Progress of 13:10 ... whole and explanation of rule

             (movement to qualifier venue)

         <the main venue and each qualifier venue>

          ・13:20 - vibrio battle primary election (and divided into 4 groups qualifier)

                  Announcement 70 minutes (the ten minutes X 7(6) name) by Butler

          ・Vote (the raising hand) by all 14:25 - participants

          ・Announcement of 14:30 - qualifier champ book and associate champ book

                  (four) final advances only to publisher of champ book

             (movement to the final venue)

         <main venue: kokorozashino forest>

          ・14:40 - vibrio battle final

                  Announcement 40 minutes (for announcement five minutes, question three minutes, we replace *4 two minutes) by Butler

          ・Vote by all 15:25 - participants

          ・15:30 - result announcement, commendation ceremony (champ book and associate champ book, associate champ book of qualifier)

          ・15:45 - photography

          ・15:50 - closing




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