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We lend the 42nd fault and hold concert

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December 13, 2019

Saga Prefectural museum, art museum arts and sciences section 

Person in charge Akiyama

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We lend the 42nd fault and hold concert

"We lend fault and hold concert" 3 times a year from 2006 to have enjoy wonderful music in rich environment among nature and works of art of Saga Castle Park in Saga Prefectural museum, art museum.

We hold concert by young person Duo unit "tsubohachi" of saxophone and piano which from Yoshinogari-cho, are playing an active part in art museum nationwide this time for temporary exhibition "- to hold future with Yoshinogari site - trace" (from January 1, 2020 to February 16) becoming the inclusion of period 42nd by the following.

Please enjoy the attractive investigation that two musical instruments weave in various musical pieces from classical music to pop music.



1 date and time    Saturday, January 25, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

        The opening: 13:30/start: 14:00 (performance time around one hour)

2 venues    Saga Prefectural art museum hall (1-15-23, Jonai, Saga-shi)

3 participation fees    Free (we do not need prior application)

4 appearance    "tsubohachi"

        Toshiki Otsubo (saxophone)

        Akio Yatani (piano)

5 and others

In museum, the art museum, space of parking lot is limited to. On visit, we recommend the use of public transport.




Artist profile (performer offer)

Saxophone Saxophone :  Toshiki Otsubo (we spread with pot)


Toshiki Otsubo

We are from Yoshinogari-cho, Saga.

We begin saxophone than 16 years old. After graduating from Saga Prefectural Miyaki high school, we graduate from Musashino Academia Musicae instrumental music department woodwind instrument at the top. Afterwards, we complete the university's master's course via Tokyo art university music department special course.

Now in activity with solo and unit and wind music, again performance with a wide variety of genres as well as classical music in chamber music develop activity nationwide, and flow into developing upbringing by power.

2011, 2012 Musashino Academia Musicae Naoaki Fukui memory scholarship student. We participate in many performances as member of Nobuya Sugawa sax band. We participate in Tokyo, Tokyo art university music department early education project in Gifu as saxophone lecturer.

We study under tochibi*ju, Hiromi Hara, Yasuhito Tanaka, Arimura pure parent, Masaki Oishi, each person of Nobuya Sugawa with saxophone.

The part first place of the 15th "Great Wall of China cup" international music competition wind instrument section University. We win Saga new face prize for encouragement (top) by the 56th Saga new face concert.

We act in the same play as Tokyo Kosei wind orchestra, extra of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.

We appear on La Folle Journee o japon 2016-2019. In addition, Internet radio "OTTAVA" and CRT Tochigi broadcast "mon of three stars classical music", it is appeared on YBS Yamanashi Broadcasting System "NTY night ♪ session".

Tokyo art theater wind orchestra academy the first batch.

Member of SDGs brass band (JICA Tokyo International partnership supporter). Saxophone quartet [GARÇON] baritone saxophone player.
Piano Piano:  Akio Yatani (bee and Kosei)
Akio Yatani
We are from Yoshinogari-cho, Saga.

Saga Prefectural Saga north High School, Kunitachi Music College keyboard instrument specialization (piano) graduation. Keyboard instrument soloist course completion. We obtain on-campus stipend by results excellence and enter the university's academy music graduate course piano course and complete at the top. We win highest award and Creuzer Prize.

We win Kuro Okada memory scholarship during attendance at school two years in a row. Winning the 56th Saga new face concert Saga philharmonic new face prize for encouragement. Japan Piano Technicians Association, 16th new face concert appearance. We attend Alessio Bucks, Michel Beroff, special lesson of each teacher of Anne Queffelec and others. We study under Ikuko Nagae, Miho Sato, small Kei Sano, each teacher of Chiharu Hanaoka with piano so far.

While we develop not only playing music of various genres but also product arrangement and piano recital with a musical instrument, band support (Jille, Yutaro Miura, Tsubasa Sakiyama etc) of artist, musical piece offer to artist, a wide variety of music activities including CM musical piece production, appearance (Canon, detergent Nanox, 2020 Tokyo Paralympics wheelchair rugby representative from Japan support songs) now.

We start solo activity in 2018 in earnest as KOSEI and we establish original style called pianist and vocalist and carry out a live activity energetically.


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