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"Is effect" for prevention of phone recording device special fraud; 86%

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"Is effect" for prevention of phone recording device special fraud; 86%

From 2015 (Heisei 27) to November, 2019 such as elderly people in the prefecture watch, and, among household, Saga Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division cooperates with the Saga Prefectural Police, for prevention of telephone invitation by wire fraud damage and telephone invitation of vicious company of "automatically phone recording device" was free in device, and performed business (phone recording device loan business) to loan out to confirm whether there was an effect.
As we carried out randomized control questionnaire for effect inspection of this device in August, 2019 (Raiwa 1), we report the result.
※We carry out questionnaire targeting at 320 households that we randomly selected among automatic phone recording device setting households (about 950 households). The number of the questionnaire collections 206 (65% of percentage of debt collection)

Questionnaire result

86% of respondents compared before setting, and telephones from vicious company "decreased" by which "it decreased at all", and 96% replied, "there is not" whether there was trouble such as contracting with that was unnecessary after the setting, and effect by installing phone recording device automatically was seen.

1.They compared before setting, and did calls from vicious company decrease?  2.After the setting, was there trouble such as making a disused contract?
Announcement of automatic sound, "conversation contents are recorded for crime damage prevention such as wire fraud as for this telephone." when there is the receipt on telephone which set up this device is system recording flow, call contents. We let the vicious proprietor side hating leaving voice in evidence hang up, and it is said that it is effective in repulsing.

●Impression of establisher
"Was good" (20), and "disused telephones decreased, did not take" (17), and "can be relieved"; (14).
As for the voice "that telephone that inoperative FAX was not usable still less turned on" "it is unpopular among acquaintance when kept waiting".

Then, 91% "want to install" which "we want to install until it breaks down" in question whether wants to set up phone recording device sequentially when we put "we want to install even repair (or we purchase) at own expense" together, and 81% reply, "we want to recommend device to acquaintance".
3.Do you want to install phone recording device sequentially?  4.Do you want to recommend phone recording device to acquaintance?
 Of damage by telephone invitation from company which is vicious as for "the phone recording device" from the above-mentioned result resulted in being effective against preventing.
We publicize that there are prevention effects such as special fraud so that households installing telephones having automatic phone recording device and similar function increase widely and, based on this result, are going to pressure citizens of public and household where we watch and apply, jurisdiction municipalities to work on about setting of "phone recording device" and "telephone with recording function" in future.
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