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The number of new adults of Saga of 2020 is 9,047 people

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 December 23, 2019

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The number of new adults of Saga of 2020 is 9,047 people


 Plans of coming-of-age ceremony of the situation of the prefecture inner new adult of 2020 and the prefecture municipalities are as follows. 

The number of 1 new adult

  The number of the new adults of 2020 is 9,047 people. (by the number of people based on resident's card of municipalities as of November 1, 2019, it applies to April 2, 1999 student ... April 1, 2000 student)

  In comparison with last year of 153 grew, and exceeded 9,000 people after an interval of five years since 2015.


Plan of 2 coming-of-age ceremonies

(1) Schedule

   Coming-of-age ceremony is held first in all municipalities (20 37 venues) in Taku-shi, Takeo-shi, Arita-cho of Friday, January 3 to Sunday, January 12. Most

  It is Sunday, January 12 that there is much.

   In addition, in Saga-shi, Karatsu-shi and Ogi-shi, it is performed by the old municipalities unit before merger of cities, towns and villages.

   In addition, new adult who 2020 Coming-of-Age Day on calendar is Monday, January 13, but goes home from distant place in the prefecture municipalities is 17, Heisei neni in consideration of schedules when it is easy to participate

  There is no example that held coming-of-age ceremony in ko, Coming-of-Age Day.


Friday, January 3    Taku-shi, Takeo-shi, Arita-cho

  Saturday, January 4    Ureshino-shi, Omachi-cho, Kouhoku-machi, Shiroishi-cho, Tara-cho

  Sunday, January 5    Karatsu-shi (former Hizencho, 2 venues of former Kyushu, former Yobuko-cho), Yoshinogari-cho, Genkai-cho

  Saturday, January 11 Karatsu-shi (former Hamatamacho, former Kyuuragi-cho, former Ouchicho, former north Hata-mura, 5 venues of former Nanatsuyama-mura)

  Sunday, January 12 Saga-shi (all 8 venues), Karatsu-shi (former Karatsu-shi), Tosu-shi, Imari-shi, Kashima-shi, Ogi-shi (all 4 venues), Kanzaki-shi, Kiyama-cho, Kamimine-cho,


 (2) Setting of executive committee including new adult

   In holding of coming-of-age ceremony, executive committee including new adult is set up in 27 venues among 37 venues.

   Member of the executive committee of new adult is appointed on open call for participants and student council officer of junior high school days, recommendation from public hall and performs plan, host progress, making of ceremony program,

  It is worked to become expression to remain for memory.


(3) Others

   Which "speech of oath of new adult" "traffic declaration of safety" "to give newly adult representative mother and child health handbook of the person" "shows video and slide show of memory" "ATRAC

  Ceremony contents being aware of importance and family tie of life including shon, local connection are planned.




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