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We are from Saga-shi, and I live in Fukuoka now, and 2-3 times a month commute between parents' house and Fukuoka. Therefore we noticed, but we see flag and guidance of sugar road in Iizuka and Kokura, but do not seem to be seen too much in Saga.

In Saga

(1)   There is cake of high quality (circle boro, yokan, dew formed on pine needles steamed bun) with history.

(2)   Raw materials of sweets are imminent, and it is fresh, and thing made carefully is available.

(sweet potato, chestnut, laver done in rice flour, wheat flour, fruit such as strawberries, farmhouses such as milk and the mountains)

(3)   Tea and tea of attendant of sweets are cooked.

(Ureshino, Nanatsuyama, seshin, Sanze)

(4)   We produce container and tea set, containers of glass.

(5)   There are cafe which featured abundant parfait and shop making fruit-based sweets.

(6)There is history called hometown of the founder of sugar road and baichao, Glico and Mornaga & Co., too.

Each shop or agricultural cooperative is area, but though there are many people doing their best, bargain sale at prefectural all is weak and thinks that it is very a waste in this way. We want you to appeal as area to cover all various places throughout the prefecture, and to include sweets and raw materials, and to be able to enjoy.

In addition, we can bring up young leading figure of town development and village revitalization by calling university, technical school pro-agriculture system high school and food nourishment department by development of new sweets using materials such as local fruit. We call in taking thing and pleasure of home life time to make child care, and "to shoot, and to make sweets" as one of the approaches of grand province, and healthy diabetes can think about invention of sweets which there is not. It thinks with possibility to appeal as new attractive Saga without connecting with approach to stop at cafe and Roadside Station in the prefecture to person passing by car, and to enjoy materials and sweets, and to take break, and to lose traffic accident, and doing the prefecture with passage prefecture.

Fruit-based sweets such as strawberries which we made use of refined sweetness and simple form, taste, subject matter in are healthy, and there is quality of Saga and thinks that it is connected in citizens of not only other prefectures but also Saga realizing local good point again.

Young person brings up blueberry in the mountains and sells sweets and we return to home and hometown and open cafe. We think that we want you to push people who cook delicious cake steadily in personal shop, and local, are loved from behind by power of the prefecture a little. Specifically, we think that but it is enough that we list on brochure of Sightseeing Association. I would like consideration by all means.


Answer to department in charge

(thing about distribution measure of prefectural product)

 In this prefecture, attractive prefectural products such as ceramics such as fruit such as house mandarin oranges of the best amount of production in Japan, many cakes of high quality and Ureshino tea such as Koshiro yokan, Imari, Arita ware are prepared including new brand "strawberry" of strawberry which made its debut much last year. 

 From this year, we tie ingredients and container and cook while it looks like it and polish up those area resources and create new value and, for the purpose of disseminating information in the world, are working on business called "sagamariaju". We are working on we put together, disseminating information with high other prefectural products of association because we do not limit this way of thinking to Saga cow, cuttlefish of Yobuko, high-quality ingredients such as Takezaki crab and know various regional ingredients.

We are thinking with important item as we had you suggest when product in conjunction with sweets which targeted young people, woman, the family layer sends charm of Saga and are supporting companies worked on for development of tableware for sweets and sweets using strawberry and mandarin orange with it is the prefecture.

 Various places inside and outside the prefecture can realize that is the still best with brand value in high, the field of of sweets by various regional gems having collaboration continuously; disseminate information, and want to act for sales promotion.


(we make child care thing about grand province "Saga")

 "We work from 2015 so that we make child care and rich nature and history of Saga, citizen of the prefecture characteristics and nature of the locality, local community activity to help each other together are active and make use of comfortable environment that is easy to do child care about grand province "Saga", and hope, "I want child" is granted, and "we want to get married" has you think, "we want to do child care in Saga".

 Had suggest; "shoot; it is said, and it thinks that is idea "cook sweets", and take pleasure of home life time, and to call". We carried out business to support group which carried out society experience "to be brought up for will of children, and to bring up will of child as taiken business" in the prefecture in 2017 and 2018, but children provided idea in that and supported the following approaches that developed and sold new cake.

◎We mend new noted product ice of Saga! [NPO corporation promising young man cram school]

SAGA ice academy

・Product development, trial manufacture, market research, sale by cooperation of Takeshita confectionery

◎Attractive up project [ganshuhishioyu] of fermented food

 ・We learn from craftsman and perform development and sale of cake using fermented food.

 "Shoot, and add new cake created through this approach to sweets", and take pleasure of home life time; think that it is possible to have make the start, but should be reference of future approach as adjustment with the person concerned is necessary for realization.

In the future "make child care, and promote grand province "Saga", and want to do in Saga having think, "want to do child care" in Saga.



"I want to raise my children in Saga" homepage We open with the other window(external link)


In addition, we told content of opinion to tourist association through Tourism Division of the prefecture about suggestion such as publications to brochure of Sightseeing Association.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of Industry and Labor distribution, trade section

TEL: 0952-25-7252

E-Mail: [email protected]

The healthy welfare headquarters man and woman participation in planning, child station Future of Children Division

TEL: 0952-25-7381

E-mail: [email protected]

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