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Telephone fraud damage prevention false at 5 blocks!

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Do you not think, I am not deceived, and "I do not matter?"

People who made a reply "not to encounter damage as for oneself according to the findings saying thought" in whole country are easy to encounter damage; it is revealed that show a tendency. 

It becomes point of damage prevention to have sense of crisis to have possibilities to match damage.


□We block by "registration of crime prevention information"!

Illustration of heart of security/safety

※ We can prevent damage if we know * shino trick beforehand.

Let's do registration of "anan email" "LINE".

Registration reception desk [Saga Fire & Disaster Prevention Division] of "disaster prevention net anan"We open with the other window

・ID of Saga Police relief information LINE: @ sfh3483c




□We block by "setting of telephone with crime prevention function"!

Illustration of phone recording device
※ Damage prevention effect preeminence!
Criminal dislikes what is recorded and person preparing for damage.

□We block by "password"!

Fraud and illustration which we call

※ False son cannot answer!
Let's decide password that only family understands.

□We block in "reduction of limit of use of ATM"!

Illustration which is derived by ATM


※ We can suppress damage by any chance when we are swindled out of case or bank card which have been coaxed.

※ We can go through the procedure in financial institution.


□We are blocked by "setting by regular answering machine"!

Answering machine illustration


※ We trust skillful story of criminal in no time when we answer call.

  At first, it is important not to answer suspicious call! Let's make that we answer call custom after hearing voice of partner.






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