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When 2 adopts zombie land saga to jujube-shaped bags such as 3 of rice

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We heard that rice of Saga was bad harvest. We think that fans of the whole country buy even the second class, the third class rice with feeling of support if we sell in bags which printed character of animation "zombie land saga" that assumed Saga the stage. (of course sale on having specified about quality of rice properly.) It costs copyright charges, but thinks that it is worth running. The first class rice should feel that fan is saying "we are particular" if possible if 1 source Maine, Sakura, the second class rice do 2 Nikaido Saki main, the third class rice in Ai Mizuno main. We think that it is enough just to put sticker on this jujube-shaped bag if jujube-shaped bag is difficult and think that how many bar code of jujube-shaped bag are enough even for sales campaign that is with zombie land saga original goods present. We prepare as return favor product of Furusato Nouzei and think that people who buy as souvenir if we sell in small sack in 1 go 2 go are in saga in Saga Airport and the zombie night.


Answer to department in charge

 Regional rice of this year product became few bad harvest in late years so that crop situation index recorded national worst under the influence of the sea breeze harm caused by typhoon No.17.

 Particularly, it had a big influence that "Saga is ideal day" that we represented regional rice, and yield and quality were greatly depressed. About the first class rice, size and good quality of grain could enter jujube-shaped bag which was transparent so that it was revealed at first sight, and a lot of transparent clean pieces of rice called "the first class rice" sold "Saga is ideal day" until now, but made jujube-shaped bag for the second class, the third class rice in a hurry as there was little "the first class rice" in this year.

 About jujube-shaped bag of "Saga is ideal day", we adopted image character "hiyorichan" from the beginning of sale and, about jujube-shaped bag which we made newly this time, adopted "hiyorichan".

 PR utilizing animation character who had you suggest thinks that it is very effective means for new fan acquisition of prefectural product including "Saga is ideal day" and is performing collaboration with tea or cake in the prefecture company.

 By providing Specialty products of these prefectures such as "muneshin*gaushi", work on PR of prefectural all to be connected, and, in usual, this prefecture recognizes with one of the PR material which is important for "zombie land saga" of the stage at the time of the regional U.S. PR campaign "ikasyumai".

 Because we examine approach of is effective, disseminating information for improvement in recognition of prefectural product including Saga rice, sales promotion continuously in the future, we hope to refer to about "the regional U.S. promotion utilizing zombie land saga" that had you suggest.


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