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About collaboration with Pokemon

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Saga performs collaboration with animation flourishingly and thinks that the popularity in the whole country thereby rises. For improvement in further popularity, we want you to make attraction facility of Pokemon.

 Because thing, Saga where Pokemon can appeal to wide age group are easy to access from each Kyushu prefecture including Fukuoka, we think that we can anticipate pulling in customers Karatsu kunchi and balloon Festa or more.


Answer to department in charge

  Business saga prize to disseminate information of in Saga! We perform animation or game contents and collaboration as part of this and perform approach to send attractive local resources such as sightseeing, prefectural product of Saga to the whole country.

 In 2017, we memorialize that TV animation "Pokemon" series reaches 1,000 times of broadcast and "are hit nyasu balloon Saga collaboration plan with Pokemon! It is saga se in the town of ... balloon! We held 10 million rocket members and had you participate in many people from the prefectural inside and outside.

 About opinion that had you suggest this time, it should be reference of future plan planning. We convey charm of Saga to many people more while acting to disseminating information to have Saga have interest, interest, and utilizing animation or game and will perform approach in future to be connected for attracting tourist, and eventually.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of policy Public Relations and Hearings Division

TEL: 0952-25-7219

E-mail: [email protected]

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