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About parking lot of SAGA sunrise park swimming ground

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 By maintenance of SAGA sunrise park, parking lot close to swimming ground was not usable and heard that you came to have to park on the subground side. Because foot is defective, I cannot walk too long distance from parking lot. If maintenance of sunrise park advanced, all the parking lots close to swimming ground disappeared and received explanation that even swimming ground user would stop car in the back of the general gymnasium. It turns out that we need maintenance to hold the National Athletic Meet, but wants usable facility to do user who had not only user having physical strength with health but also obstacle.


Answer to department in charge

 SAGA sunrise park pushes forward maintenance as main venue of national athletic meet, whole country person with a disability athletic meet held in Saga after an interval of 47 years.

 About swimming ground, we are constructing new construction of new 50m indoor swimming place, diving pool, but 25m indoor swimming ground is Japan Swimming Federation official recognition pool of the prefecture one and only and decides to allow to continue from thing that is necessary for holding of meeting and competition in every possible period during construction period and to use.

 As parking lot of the swimming ground east side was contained in preparation for construction from December, about parking lot which had opinion, it is closed down.

 Therefore, we show general users around temporary parking lot in the second supporting sports stadium, but decide to install parking lot for person with a physical disability near the swimming ground. I am sorry that notice of parking lot is perfect.

 We will cause inconvenience during construction period, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we will push forward construction for security of users in future in consideration for ten minutes.

 In addition, at the time of completion of SAGA sunrise park, you maintain parking lot for person with a physical disability around facility and may use to facility users comfortably as possible.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of Regional Exchange culture, sports interchange station SAGA sunrise park maintenance promotion section

 TEL: 0952-25-7482

 E-mail: [email protected]

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