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About charm of Saga that does not appear in guidebook

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  It is person who goes to Saga in couples, and became "Saga fan" this year. As it was too different from the front that went to Saga in impression later, we thought, "it is a waste" and took brush. We intended to study by guidebook before going, but, as for the guidebook, there was article such as advertisement about hot spring, gourmet, but thought that really good part of Saga was not written. We may not put place not to go by package tour.


sho which I liked:

1. Public toilet and torii of horizontal white porcelain which tree of *ka (we congratulate) Shinto shrine goes through. 

This thinks that it is interesting "tourist attractions", but does not see with set in sightseeing book because we cannot take a picture from good angle. Combination of Shinto shrine, unique public toilet, toriis was interesting.


2. Castle seemed to have appeared in dish when we looked at Karatsu-jo Castle from road on the Matsuura River which reached to Karatsu-jo Castle from Higashikaratsu and thought that we might publicize as the Orient version of French "mon sun = Michel".


In addition, in Saga, Karatsu-shi, there was lot huge tree and felt heaviness of history everywhere. It is important point of interchange with continent and various parts of Japan and is not only hot spring, gourmet and wants to go again historically in Saga that had tourist attractions a lot. 

As we think that it is the prefecture which can develop by sightseeing very much, we support.


Answer to department in charge

 Saga came and, also, we had you become "Saga fan", so feel very delightfully.

It is this prefecture and we have each place of Saga rotate in women who are resident in urban area liking camera and traveling and have you put new charm that citizens of Saga do not notice in photograph and carry out "Saga jienikku of # himitsu" disseminating information of business this year. We came to actually publish public toilet of *kashinsha (Matsubara Shrine) in brochure by great favorable reception in that. We recognized that Karatsu-jo Castle was new charm that we could not discover in us about plan called "Oriental mon sun = Michel". We want to send charm of Saga whom we cannot send to still more positively in future.

 Spot only in Saga includes Shinto shrine called "Suyama (we ask) Shinto shrine" in Arita-cho known as Arita ware like torii of white porcelain of *kashinsha. As it is the highlight full loading including train running in lucky charm, the precincts of porcelain which torii and pair of stone guardian dogs, fence around a shrine and chief priest oneself made of porcelain baked here, it is place where we will drop in at in the case of visit by all means on the next time. In addition, we hope to send tourist brochure in spite of being the state of things separately as there are a lot of places that we want to introduce. Of next trip would appreciate your referring to. 


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