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As for 2020 Saga traditional industries, it is announcement of offer of creation support operating cost subsidy application

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 This subsidy is intended that aggressive business of company supports making by supporting a part of expense to need in business such as high product development, market reclamation such as novelty, originality that production center company group of traditional local products of Saga such as Imari, Arita ware, Karatsu porcelain, Morotomi furniture, housing part performs.


Supporting target business
 As for the supporting target business, it is in newness, business such as high product development, market reclamation such as originality that production center company group performs.
※We utilize our subsidy in last year, and assistance intends for business that there is of novelty and expandability about conduct contents when we apply sequentially this year, and assistance is excluded about business like last year.


The number of supporting amount of money, supporting rate, supporting period, adoption plans


 Business segment Supporting amount of money Supporting rate Supporting period (※ note 1) Is going to adopt; the number
 The public Less than 1 million yen Less than a half 2001 Around 17 cases
 Emphasis Less than 3 million yen Less than two-thirds Up to three year Around four (※ note 2)


[the public] Business such as product development, market reclamation with high newness, originality to satisfy examination standard
[emphasis] Business that the prefecture admitted that we corresponded to all next among the above
(1) Approach of overseas development
(2) Approach that cooperated with creators with enough results such as different local products company (※ note 3) or product development, market reclamation
(3) Approach that possibility to grow up as business is anticipated enough
(4) Approach (※ note 4) that representative of production center company group is not production and sales proprietor of Morotomi furniture, housing part


(※ note 1) From supporting period grant decision day to the end of March of the year concerned.
But, in the case of emphasis business, we need application every year, but we continue until interval in 2003 and shall be able to work.
(※ note 2) We anticipate two emphasis business adoption planned number continuation two + new = around four cases in total.
(※ note 3) Person who runs production and sales business of local products which is different from representative of different local products company production center company group as occupation, and has the principal place of business in the prefecture.
(※ note 4) When original budget is approved in the regular The Prefectural Assembly in 2020 in February, 2020, only for the conduct year of conduct planned "Morotomi furniture world hesaaikou support business" (distribution, trade section jurisdiction), we are not intended for assistance.


Reception desk period
It must arrive by 17:15 for from Monday, February 3, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Friday, February 28
※Reception hours from 8:30 to 17:15 (except Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
※We accept by mail or bringing. (please submit electronic data by E-mail in addition. But only by E-mail as cannot accept, please be careful; postmark in the case of) mail on that day effectively.
※When submission documents include omissions of mention, corrections are possible, but corrections, please be careful after the progress during reception desk period if there is during reception desk period.

〒840-8570 (mention of address is unnecessary)
Saga Department of Industry and Labor distribution, trade section local industry charge
TEL 0952-25-7095 (direct)
E-mail [email protected]


※As for this offer essential point mention contents, it becomes premise in the regular The Prefectural Assembly in February, 2020 that budget is established in 2020 pertaining to the business concerned.
※When main contents of business plan are product development for Asian market or market reclamation or both, about general business, we add a few in the examination. The results that we exported to foreign countries including Asian market in production center company group within one year from the day before of business plan date of filing limit object of point addition to group where company (except companies pertaining to raw materials) which there is not is included in.
※About supporting period of emphasis business, it is up to three years, but when we continue and want to receive assistance even if it is business that received grant decision in 2019, we apply again, and it is necessary to receive examination. As a result of examination, it may not be adopted.
※Grant decision of business plans the beginning of April in 2020.


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