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Mistransmission case of email occurred

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 February 7, 2020

Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division

Person in charge Tanaka, Sakata

0952-25-7069 direct to extension number 3840, 3841

[E-mail] [email protected]


Future of Children Division

Person in charge Toyota, Miyajima

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Mistransmission case of email occurred

 When we contacted trust proprietor of duties in the Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division, case that continued sending email to wrong e-mail address (for one person) for a certain period of time occurred. There was case that personal information was included in in that.

 In addition, in process that identified the mistransmission email concerned, it became clear in the commissioned business from Future of Children Division that case to send personal information to e-mail address that the trust proprietor concerned took the wrong occurred.

 We take that such a case occurred heavily and will try for prevention of recurrence.




Summary of 1 case

[case 1 (Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division)]

* When, on August 14, last year, perform trust company (community journal) of duties of our section and meeting by email, trust company officer A (as follows    Free mail address of company's employee B (the following, "B" and indication) where CC (broadcast) was set to "A" and letter sent to get a reply from indication) was wrong.

* Reply email from our section was sent to wrong free mail address as a result that staff of our section in response to this email chose "reply to all" to reply to all the broadcast people including A for the email.

* As email used the form repeatedly afterward to make arrangements, to January 30, 2020, we sent 39 emails in total mistakenly.

* Four things which personal information was listed in soon.

  [thing which the prefecture transmitted]

   ・Trip day of lecturer, trip, the travel expenses     One case

  [thing which trust company transmitted]

   ・Trip, accommodations of lecturer        One case

   ・One full name (only as for the family name) of employee of trust company

   ・Personal e-mail address of trust company   One case


[case 2 (Future of Children Division)]

○When trust company A sent email that participant list was attached to our section on November 15, free mail address of B which we set in CC (broadcast) took the wrong "participant list" (for 37 people) of event to hold by trust business of our section ("SAGA future design business") on November 17.

○"School name" (names such as university, junior college) was listed in "participant list" "sex" "age" "full name" of participant.


2 origin

   As confirmation of transmission e-mail address was insufficient


Process of 3 case detection and the later correspondence

[case 1 (Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division)]

* Staff of this another section which would send email to B for the first time on Thursday, January 30 is transmission in free mail address of B used in the past exchanges.

* After the transmission, thing that as a result of after calling, having had you confirm address as it was to say non-reception, address of B took the wrong of confirmation is revelation just to make sure in B.

* Therefore as after checking email with trust proprietor who stayed in our section, plural transmission to wrong address were able to confirm, we demanded submission of copying of our section and exchanged email the next day for trust company and investigated contents of thing submitted on Monday, February 3 thoroughly and confirmed the number of mistransmission and listed personal information.

* We go to the person in question (lecturer) whom personal information was transmitted to mistakenly and explain the situation to the person, and we are apologized by the prefecture.

* As the actual situation is unidentified in the mistransmission, we send email to ask for apology and email deletion of mistransmission to free mail address that transmitted mistakenly.


[case 2 (Future of Children Division)]

○On Friday, January 31, we received information that there was not similar example from Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division.

○After there being offer of copying of email addressed to staff of our section from trust company on Wednesday, February 5, and confirming contents, broadcast done thing became clear in free mail address that the email that "participant list" was included in concerned took the wrong.

○On Thursday, February 6, we called 37 participants and explained the situation to 24 people who got through and apologized and confirmed that there was not damage so far. We contact 13 people who do not get through at present sequentially.


Preventive measures against 4 recurrences

 For the staff and trust proprietor, common knowledge is thorough based on "Saga information security basic policy" "basic policy of Saga personal information protection" to deal with personal information appropriately.

 In addition, as contractor set e-mail address in this case by oneself in CC, we are convinced when it is right e-mail address, and it is thought about with one of the factors confirmation having been insufficient.

 Will confirm on the telephone first to the other party in future when transmit to free mail of G e-mail addresses in particular, common knowledge is thorough not to send if cannot confirm, and to handle appropriately carefully than send to normal e-mail address.


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