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 When we transmit, input of letter such as "strange code" is sought by opinion contribution form to prefectural government. Input of this code is difficult for person who is not used to operation of PC. As we get with posture to remove opinion from such a person, we want you to improve.


Answer to department in charge

 What "strange code" asking for input on Saga homepage (= certification key) says "the image certification" and people consider image with eyes and confirm and operate by to read character string that is described there, and to input, post opinion secures that it is human being not program of computer.


 Program of computer cannot make out "number and letter which inclined" drawn on image definitely. In late years it becomes problem program of computer pretends to be people and logs in illegally, and to exploit information. Opinion or personal information that citizens of the prefecture input in the case of opinion contribution on the homepage may be stolen by any chance when unjust login is carried out.


 Therefore, in Saga, inputting from the outside sets up "the image certification" for prevention of unjust login operation on necessary page. In addition, in late years "the image certification" is conditions established to most of page inputting from the outside regardless of administration, private enterprise.


 I am sorry to cause inconvenience, but ask you to understand for protection such as personal information of citizens of the prefecture.

 In addition, about opinion, suggestion to prefectural government, even mailing, the letter to prefectural government suggestion box installing in 12 prefecture and the following e-mail addresses accept abanse. We do not give answer to all, but would appreciate valuable opinion continuously.


Department in charge of opinion

Department of policy Public Relations and Hearings Division

TEL: 0952-25-7351

E-mail: [email protected]

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