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SAGA SEA Saga and "reencounter" of Netherlands make culture of the 22nd century

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  Across the sea, Saga is connected to the Netherlands.


[the date and time]

 Sunday, June 14, 2020

 The curtain rises at 11:00 at/Netherlands time at 18:00 in Japan time (about 70 minutes)

 ※It was finished. Thank you for your participation.




  Mark fan loan

  France fan da hoven

  Roy Dhaka



 Free of charge



 Seigo Matsunaga (SHIKIORI We open with the other window(external link))



 Studio 150 (Amsterdam)

 We utilize church built in Amsterdam now as music studio.

 We send this time from this venue.



 Concert that we planned in Ureshino-shi on June 13 was called off for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention.

In substitution for concert, we send music of EUROPEAN JAZZ TRIO (European jazz trio) by live streaming from Netherlands Amsterdam.

You attach music for a time of the weekend, and please enjoy in your family.



EJT live streaming 1EJT live streaming 2


  Live streaming flyer (PDF)PDF EJT live streaming PDF We open with the other window(PDF: 1.18 megabytes)




SAGA SEA Saga and "reencounter" of Netherlands make culture of the 22nd century

 In the prefecture, music business to deepen interchange with the Netherlands from the Meiji Restoration from the 150th-year 2018 carries out "SAGA SEA Saga and "reencounter" of Netherlands make culture in the 22nd century".

It is cultural in Saga by learning culture and diversity of Netherlands, and carrying out interchange business that local, rooted through music like held "north sea jazz festival" every year in the Netherlands and has you rediscover historic attractive thing and realize again and plans local activation by sending the charm outside the prefecture.


 SAGA SEA 2018

 SAGA SEA 2019



SAGA SEA concept

 Japanese  Nederlands  English


Arita ware which came to Europe from Imari Port through "the sea" (SEA) by Netherlands East India Company 400 years ago.

New "encounter" that Netherlands people took a trip to "the sea" (SEA) 150 years ago, and caused with Saga. Encounter with the Netherlands turned Saga.


Then various people come and go, and both color of skin and hair color accomplish rich development like world reduced drawing with various culture when they walk Netherlands town at the present when 150 years passed.


We learn diversity from the Netherlands and, like "north sea jazz festival" started in 1976 in the Netherlands, aim at interchange that rooted in area through music.


Saga and reencounter of Netherlands create new culture.




SAGA SEA De reünie tussen Saga en Nederland die de cultuur van de 22e eeuw zal vormen 

400 jaar geleden werd in Arita vervaardigd porselein vanuit de haven van Imari over de "SEA" verscheept en door de Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie op de Europese markt gebracht.

Later, zo' n 150 jaar geleden, was er opnieuw een ontmoeting tussen Saga en Nederland die Japan sterk heeft beïnvloed door de invoering van nieuwe technologieën.

Nu, 150 jaar later, wanneer je in Nederland op straat loopt, kom je mensen tegen van allerlei achtergronden. Het is een hoog ontwikkeld land dat door zijn verscheidenheid aan culturen aandoet als een microkosmos die de hele wereld symboliseert.

Geïnspireerd door de diversiteit in Nederland streven we naar een uitwisseling op lokaal niveau met muziek als medium. De bron van de bezieling van dit evenement is het "North Sea Jazz Festival" dat sinds 1976 in Nederland wordt gehouden.

Deze hereniging tussen Saga en Nederland zal leven geven aan een nieuwe cultuur.




SAGA SEA The reunion between Saga and the Netherlands that will give life to the culture of the 22nd century

400 years ago, porcelain manufactured in Arita was shipped from Imari port across the "SEA" and introduced to the European market by the Dutch East India Company.

Later, 150 years ago, another encounter between Saga and the Netherlands greatly influenced the country of Japan through the introduction of new technologies.

Nowadays, 150 years later, if you walk through the streets of the Netherlands, you will come across people of all sorts of backgrounds. It is a highly developed country that, due to its variety in cultures, looks like a microcosm symbolizing the whole world.

Inspired by the diversity in the Netherlands, we aim to have a community-based exchange through music. This event finds its roots in the "North Sea Jazz Festival" that has been held in the Netherlands since 1976.

This reunion between Saga and the Netherlands will give life to a new culture.




Past approach


◆SAGA SEA 2018


The EUROPEAN JAZZ TRIO at outside study

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Saga Castle History Museum (Jonai, Saga-shi)



JAZZ prefectural office -JAZZ in office bodily sensation -

Friday, July 27, 2018

SAGA CHIKA [Saga prefectural government office the first floor of the basement] (Jonai, Saga-shi)

Music private elementary school of the Edo period of waterside
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Netherlands house [former BANK OF SAGA Gofukumachi Branch] (Gofukumotomachi, Saga-shi) 



◆SAGA SEA 2019


Memory ... of sound ... summer of Furuyu

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Forrester wisteria (Fujimachi, Saga-shi)

Picture production: Hideyuki Nishi


World history ... to learn in music private elementary school of the Edo period Peter Barakan - music

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Storehouse (Hachinohe, Saga-shi) of the EDAUME east

 Picture production: Hideyuki Nishi


Daily life ... hand-drum workshop ... with music private elementary school of the Edo period Shonosuke Okura tradition

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Saga-shi history Museum of Daily Life old Kogas (Yanagimachi, Saga-shi)

Picture production: Hideyuki Nishi



Station of piano from "please do not touch" to "please touch"


Hand-washing is recommended


 People including station in prefecture install piano used in home or facility in coming and going place, and anyone touch piano freely casually and carries out "station of piano" for the purpose of having you enjoy performance.

We are installing in JR JR Shin-Tosu Station, JR Ogi Station, JR Saga Station now.

Musical instrument becomes "live musical instrument" by the relationship between people for the first time. Please touch with love kindly.


(about the use of piano)

It is available freely. You make mutual concessions, and please use.

In addition, please contact the following manager when you occupy more than case and 30 minutes to carry out event.


 JR JR Shin-Tosu Station (August, 2018 setting) JR Shin-Tosu Station: 0942-83-1701
 JR Ogi Station (September, 2018 setting) Ogi-shi business and industry Tourism Division: 0952-37-6129
 JR Saga Station (December, 2019 setting) The JR Kyushu Building management Saga business branch: 0952-24-5335

  ※Around one or two times a year of tuning goes.

  Person needing tuning, please cope by each person at events.

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