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We invite to Yoshinogari Historical Park! Under "2020 we make child care large "ticket" spring" distribution! (we can use from April 1)

The last update date:
 Child care support project that Saga works on "child care do complimentary ticket to Yoshinogari Historical Park for people with child as part of grand province "Saga" "do child care; is distributing 2020 "ticket" spring very much". [until the end of May for a limited time!]
 ※For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, it may be closed temporarily. As for the opening of the park situation of park, I would like confirmation in official homepage We open with the other window(external link).



 We think whether image of "remains" such as watchtower or pit-type house is strong when we hear with "Yoshinogari Historical Park", does child know that there is area that can play with all one's might in the west of area of remains?


Very large lawn open space and various playground equipments, big ball and ground golf, "charm" that we can enjoy all day both children and adults including barbecue are clogged up a lot there!


Right or wrong! You sense "charm as recreation space" that Yoshinogari Historical Park has in this occasion bodily, and please enjoy!



Soft and fluffy domeBig ball




About period of use, usage of complimentary ticket

Fee for entering kindergarten (460 yen for adults, silver 200 yen) becomes free when you have complimentary ticket.

[period of use] : From Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Sunday, May 31, 2020

[object] : Person-limited with child who is younger than junior high student (only in adult (15 years or older) we cannot use)

       Because of one piece of complimentary ticket to ten people including child

In the case of the use, parking rate is necessary separately at parking lot.


 Bring to the window staff with "complimentary ticket" after filling out the requirements on number of people for "questionnaire" installing in admission entrance. We exchange for admission ticket.

※ When you have WEB (LINE official account) complimentary ticket, please present coupon screen at window. 

※ Complimentary ticket can be used by all admission mouths (the west exit, the east exit, the north exit), but, as for the above, the use of recreation space, admission from "the west exit" is convenient.

※ Questionnaire is more downloadable than the following. When several complimentary tickets including the use in group are used, guidance that is smooth if you can visit after print, entry beforehand is possible.


 ⇒ Word Questionnaire We open with the other window(word: 141.9 kilobytes)


About acquisition method of complimentary ticket

[acquisition method (1)] : We present "invitation coupon" by Yoshinogari Historical Park formula LINE account friend registration!

(please register with the following "QR code" from "friend addition" of LINE)




[acquisition method (2)] : Publication of PR advertisement (with complimentary ticket) to information magazines

<< publication medium >>

ž   Wire mom May issue (April 14 issuance)

ž   News from citizen of the prefecture April issue


[acquisition method (3)] : Leaflet distribution with complimentary ticket

<< distribution place >>

ž   Saga prefectural government office (Saga spirit open space, Urban Planning Division)

ž   abanse, The Prefectural Library, prefectural museum, art museum, prefectural Saga Castle History Museum

   Prefectural space Hall of Science yumeginga, prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum, prefectural Kyushu Ceramic Museum

ž   Saga synthesis government building, Tosu synthesis government building, Karatsu synthesis government building, Imari synthesis government building, Takeo synthesis government building

ž   Each municipalities office city park department in charge

ž   Kanzaki-shi, Yoshinogari-cho business and industry Tourism Division

ž   The prefecture area child care support base



Complimentary ticket precautions

In the case of the use, parking rate is necessary separately at parking lot. (large car 1,050 yen, normal car 310 yen, two-wheeled vehicle 100 yen)



 Contact information

   Yoshinogarikoen control center

    Telephone 0952-55-9333 We open with the other window(external link)


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