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We held reporter lek about new coronavirus infectious disease (April 25)

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We held reporter lek about new coronavirus infectious disease (April 25)

 We held Saga Department of Health and Welfare tall and stout Naoto Kawauchi and reporter lek about new coronavirus infection with *gakenken*fuku*bui*tokatsukan (note 1) Hiroshi Noda on Saturday, April 25.
(note 1) Doctor of specialist unifying the medical government of the prefecture
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Reporter lek explanation contents

○The Department of Health and Welfare head

   We seem to say and, about recent example, think that we want to report the situation at the present today.

 In addition, it is from country today cluster countermeasures group at 15:00 and will make arrangements. In addition, there is plan transferring two people with slight illness to APA Hotel today.

 At first, about cluster which occurred about club "illusion."

  Nine people, staff six, positive of three customers are confirmed until now and they identify each close contact and, according to the guidance, hang action self-restraint request.

 Positive of four people became clear newly this time. The 33rd case is woman in 70s, Arita-cho, the 34th case, teenage woman, Arita-cho, the 35th case, woman in 40s, Omachi-cho, the 36th case, 60s, woman, person of Takeo-shi.

 As for the hospitalization, as for the 33rd case and the 35th case, it is admitted to designated medical institution in the prefecture about yesterday and the 34th case and the 36th case each today.

 And it was visitor made visitor in "illusion", but there were 29 inquiries except five as of yesterday though five people who carried out inspection so far came. We do 10 of 29 cases with subject of examination and carry out polymerase chain reaction test about four cases of those and identify negative as four people yesterday. Remaining six cases will carry out inspection sequentially in future.

 In addition, the 34th case was teenage woman. This person is primary schoolchild in Arita-cho. If we discuss in public health center and Arita-cho about this and send a mail from school for protector of elementary and junior high school in Aritacho all at once today at 8:30, and child, student learning disorder is woven, notification to want Imari public health center to talk after having contacted town is performed. Three telephone consultation seems to be performed in form in response to the email for town in the present at today's 13:00, and there is not all problem in physical condition and is to have done inquiry just to make sure.

 We follow, and one staff of Ureshino medical center will explain the connection as it was infected.

 About 52 house staffs, we are pushing forward polymerase chain reaction test sequentially now. Yesterday, we carried out 12 people. We took first priority, and, at first, this performed person with high infection degree 12. And we further carry out inspection of 24 of 52 people today and are all-negative about these 36 people in total. We will decide to push forward polymerase chain reaction test sequentially even if we arrive at remaining 16 people in future.

 In addition, this inspection is only house staff and it seems to be said that patient is not included and hears.

 We follow and it is of the pub "dancing queen", but close contact seems to say nine staff of shop and confirms as a result of Surveys. There are 24 inquiries by appeal, public announcement afterward by yesterday though it is visitor. It is said that it is subject to examination and is going to inspect four cases of them today.

 In addition, we hear symptoms about the person concerned sequentially in the public health center.

 From visitor of each shop, 34 people, "the dancing queen" had inquiry of 24 people "illusion" as of yesterday. We offer my gratitude some other time toward the management which had you agree to public announcement of the name of shop.

 Furthermore, we offer my gratitude for all of the media which had you cooperate with the news of the name of shop some other time on this occasion.

 It is that and 21st case, woman, Karatsu-shi in 70s, but negative is confirmed with three as a result that master, 70s that are close contact and child two in the 50s performed polymerase chain reaction test about three in total yesterday.

 About infection course, we will push forward Surveys sequentially.

 And the sixth case is discharged from yesterday. This is gone home in Miyaki-cho in Tokyo.




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