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We held the 19th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting

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We held the 19th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting (April 28)

 We held the 19th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures meeting on Tuesday, April 28.
 Look at contents of meeting from the following link.
 Look at requests from Governor Yamaguchi to citizens of the prefecture from the following link.

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○The Governer

 Though it was "illusion" relations, Ureshino medical center became negative three people. And, as for the person concerned, six people were all negative.

 The "dancing queen" relations were new, and "illusion" relations were visitors, and it was in a condition that it did not have holdings anymore now that hand was raised. It will be said that they inspect 14, this case of 13 primary schoolchildren and teacher one today when they assume item in hand as us now, and then this cluster relations are the situation that holdings disappear as of now for the time being.

 By cluster relations, there is really place where we drive into in similar form somehow as of now when we really did every one one by one together though we felt dizzy first. We want to really thank all of all relations from now on though it is unpredictable. In addition, we want to brace ourselves.

 We will think from now on to watch one one appearing now closely as we think that inspection state of new people plays a key role again, and to cope well that you must brace yourself during the Golden Week.

 There is hardly the source of infection ignorance, and, in the case of house, from outside the prefecture is had regarding Karatsu of the only 21st case. As the 37th case takes the person concerned widely and we check and were all all-negative, after all, it is from outside the prefecture in meaning to remain only in place that went to Fukuoka for the source of infection that it really remained. Though it is not really revealed where cluster was carried really from originally; "the dancing queen" with Kurume is related, and with Sasebo, Kurume though "money of prefectural border stop support" announced at this time as think that, after all, Saga cannot but be conscious of prefectural border judging from such a meaning because is related, Saga feels really sad very much in interchange prefecture, and endure now adversely though have a lot of, and let's work with effort together well at the next opportunity.

 And we hope to talk about disaster of school a little this time.

 By simultaneous closure of a school, layoff of children is prolonged. We are very afraid that we think of mental and physical health of children. As this thinks that it is the situation undermining mind and body of children day by day, we feel uneasy about though it will not be to give a scream suddenly when we see socially whether it is not big thing at all.

 As children were not only learning, study sides and learned that it was connected by various meanings with people and grew up as people, originally school did not go in 1870 whether Takato Oki, Shinpei Eto were with farmer in the Edo era. Therefore only some people went. There is educational institution for han children. As it is Saga, Saga feudal clan that handed down that you should go to school to all people, this school and thought for it being said want to reopen that in such a meaning as soon as possible somehow as there is thing strong at all.

 And we decided to close school with closure request in strong thought not to be only child again this time when adult stopped if there was as adult stopped Saga to thing called 47 metropolis and districts of country that both adult and child stopped movement this time in total, and child stopped. Though we told citizens of the prefecture today by all means, we have minimum going out do about the Golden Week to begin in earnest from tomorrow and strongly ask when we want you to spend basically in house for children.

 About the reopening of school, we think that you should judge after having seen effect of thing called approach that we nominate this such prefecture.

 Resumption on May 7 after the consecutive holidays will be difficult from now on when we think about the school spot and preparations for children before the situation of each day becomes important, and the Golden Week begins. For such a way of thinking, we want to extend closure of a school until May 10 of this weekend.

 And we want to think about time of school resumption with based on such a thing some other time as we will appear on future situation, each day.

○The superintendent of education

 About the reopening of school, thought that it was difficult to judge on seeing past approach, approach until the Golden Week well, so to reopen school on May 7 after the consecutive holidays was just shown by the Governer.

 It seems to be said that it is necessary to see the situation until consecutive holidays well now, and to judge and surely thinks about worry of protectors in various meaning last week when and two clusters appear or infection instance of child occurs as there was event to increase.

 In such a meaning, it becomes about the reopening of school by current closure of a school, May 6. Though we think that both the school spot and municipalities are prepared for that they reopen from May 7, we decide that we extend closure of a school until May 10 and think that we want to do notice toward the prefectural school. Similarly, we do the request toward municipalities and the city school.

 But risk for mental and physical health of child for what closure of a school becomes for long term has been increasing every day though there was from the Governer some time ago. We think that that must think well.

 Though we were able to reopen school in the case of Saga, prefectural school for about two weeks from April 6, still it is long term as closure of a school from March 3. It gradually begins worrying to say delay of including mind and body side of such a child or learning. Based on the future infection situation, we hope to argue about time of school resumption some other time after we have people of adult think about action well including such a thing, and this result had you appear.

○Deputy-Governor Kobayashi

 When there is now about school from of the superintendent of education, for example, corona thinks that you consider in addition whether sometimes what kind of such correspondence that two appeared that one appeared in our prefecture is possible in the by all means examination as it was to consider in future.

 The important thing is as we think that corona is hard to think about situation to disappear much more entirely, we think that naturally there are the neighborhood, worry of various places of protector, but we thought about how you cope with that, and it seems to be said whether you are realistic, and I will think personally practically in future.

○The superintendent of education

 Though infection instance of primary schoolchild occurred this time, we think that it may have been said so in future. Class seems to say that it will be necessary to face the next school resumption, and when they occurred well at the school concerned, they close the school or they think that they are not upset by such a case after having arranged such a thing to close well beforehand.

○The Governer

 That is totally as you mentioned, and it thinks that you must discuss the place whether you settle with the always consciousness where that corona says zero when it took a long view from now on as it is not thought worldwide. At that time, it seems to be argued in various what, but, in the seductive one, rearranging of place that you should do and place called part which is not so is necessary for country uniformity recently. Therefore as Tokyo continues, for example, for example, in country uniformity much more, country should put parts which are not so together in Tokyo, or, as for me, they do not want to take part in such a discussion in a short time though we say national crisis management though readiness of country which is strong for confronting thinks virus countermeasures to need in addition. As we think that point of view considering as each area well is important at all, we go into the unknown world now by all means and fix our eyes on the spot among us in that and may make a precise decision.





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