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Let's be careful about heat stroke! ... which provides heat stroke related information on homepage of ... prefecture

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 May 8, 2020

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Let's be careful about heat stroke! ... which provides heat stroke related information on homepage of ... prefecture

 For improvement and the outbreak prevention of consciousness about the heat stroke prevention of citizens of the prefecture, we provide heat stroke related information this year on homepage of the prefecture and between Monday, May 11 and Thursday, October 1.

 As we open "heat index" to become index to prevent heat stroke (※ 1) to the public, on event and athletic meet, we utilize "heat index" and "guideline about everyday life" (※ 2), "guideline about exercise" (※ 3), and preventive thorough, please.


※1 "heat index" is said to be "WBGT" (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature: wet-bulb blackball temperature) and is temperature, humidity that influence is big in heat balance of the human body, index for the heat stroke prevention calculated by three elements of radiant heat (unit is "℃", but is different from temperature). In heat stroke prevention information site of Ministry of the Environment, "heat index" every metropolis and districts is updated every day.

※2 look at separate table 1 about "guideline about everyday life".

※3 look at separate table 2 about "guideline about exercise".



 Homepage of Saga

◆Product for general citizens of the prefecture, "please be careful about heat stroke"


Ministry of the Environment heat stroke prevention information site


[separate table 1] From heat stroke prevention guideline Ver.3 in Japanese Society of Biometeorology (2013) everyday life

Heat index

You should be careful
Indication of life activity



(31 degrees Celsius or more)

By all life activities

The risk to happen

Even rest state is at increased risk for occurring in the elderly person.
We avoid going out if possible and move to the cool room.

Severe caution

(28-31 ℃※)

We avoid hot weather bottom when going out and are careful about rises in room temperature in the room.


(25-28 ℃※)

The moderate above-mentioned life
The risk to get angry at about activity

When we do exercise and intense work, we adopt rest enough regularly.


(less than 25 degrees Celsius)

By strong life activity
The risk to happen

Generally, there is little risk, but there is the risk to occur at the time of intense exercise and hard labor.

※(28-31 degrees Celsius) and, about (25-28 degrees Celsius), show less than 28 degrees Celsius 25 degrees Celsius or more less than 31 degrees Celsius 28 degrees Celsius or more each.

[separate table 2] From association of sports "heat stroke preventive guidebook in Japan during sports activity" (2019)



Heat index


 Heat stroke preventive exercise guideline

35 degrees Celsius

The above

31 degrees Celsius or more

Principle cancellation

In WBGT31 ℃ higher than, we cancel exercise except when it is special.

In the case of child in particular, you should cancel.

31-35 degrees Celsius

28-31 degrees Celsius

Severe caution

As it is at great risk of heat stroke, in WBGT28 ℃ higher than, we avoid exercise that temperature including intense exercise and long-distance running is easy to rise to. We take break every 10-20 minutes and supply water, salt.

Person who is poor at heat ※This reduces exercise or cancels.

28-31 degrees Celsius

25-28 degrees Celsius


As danger of heat stroke increases in WBGT25 ℃ higher than, we take break positively and supply water, salt appropriately.

By intense exercise, we take break for every 30 minutes.

24-28 degrees Celsius

21-25 degrees Celsius


In WBGT21 ℃ higher than, fatal accident due to heat stroke may occur. With care to sign of heat stroke, we supply water, salt between exercise positively.

Less than 24 degrees Celsius

Less than 21 degrees Celsius

Approximately safe

Danger of heat stroke is usually small, but appropriate water, supply of salt is necessary for WBGT21 ℃ under. As heat stroke occurs on this condition by citizens' marathons, we are careful.

 ※Person who is poor at heat: People who are not used to person having low physical strength, obese person and heat

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