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2020 Public comments conduct planned item

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2020 Public comments conduct planned item


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All revision (plan) of Saga fishery adjustment rulesAll revision to Saga fishery adjustment rules which abolished Saga fishery adjustment rules and Saga fresh-water fishery adjustment rules totally based on revised Fisheries Law, and unified both rules

June 1

... June 30

 -Fisheries Division


By-law which revises a part of the by-law about the use of Saga individual number and specific personal provision of informationWe reduce attached documents at the time of application such as taxation certificates by having used my number, and allowing information cooperation with group in the desk work about study support pertaining to non-degree graduate program of academy and plan improvement of convenience of citizen of the prefecture.

June 17

... July 17

-Information Systems Section 


Saga bicycle utilization promotion plan (plan)Based on "bicycle utilization promotion law" enforced in 2016, we devise to promote inflection of bicycle generally in Saga.

July 7

... July 31

-Road Division 


Saga fruit tree agriculture promotion plan (plan)It is plan that we devised to promote fruit tree agriculture of the prefecture and, based on fruit tree agriculture promotion special measures law, sets aim ten years after promotion policy shop. In addition, reviews are necessary in this year as basic policy of the prefecture adjusts to review of basic policy of country and performs review once in five years, and basic policy of country was reviewed in April, 2020.

Around October

-Horticulture Division 


The fourth Saga fundamental environment plan (draft)As basic plan to plan general and premeditated promotion of measure about environmental maintenance, we devise plan in the next term

Around November

-Environment Division 


The fifth Saga Gender equality basic plan (draft) We got "Gender equality society fundamental law" established in 1999 and devised "Saga Gender equality basic plan" in March, 2001, and "Saga Gender equality promotion by-law" was established in October in this year. We update the basic plan concerned for achievement of Gender equality society every 5 years, and this time becomes the fifth plan development.

... around December

-Gender Equality and Womens Active Participation Division 


Saga National Health Insurance administration policy (reform bill)About "Saga National Health Insurance administration guideline" (January, 2019 partial revision) that we devised in January, 2018, setting of medical expenses index reflection coefficient α after 2021 performs revision for approach of unification of insurance tax rate.

Around December

-National Health Insurance Division 


The fifth Saga person with a disability plan, the sixth Saga obstacle welfare program, the second Saga child with a disability welfare program (tentative name)Plan for to be plan to plan promotion that general, is premeditated of person with a disability measure based on Basic Law for person with a disability, and necessary obstacle welfare service in this prefecture based on the person with a disability general support method and consultation support to plan securing of tameno system premeditatedly.

Around December

-Disabled Persons Welfare Division 


"Saga Eastern Saga Industrial Waterworks Bureau corporate strategy" (tentative name) (plan)We devise as basic plan of medium-and-long term management to continue business stably for the future.

... 2021
Around January

-Eastern Saga Industrial Waterworks Bureau


2021 Saga food sanitation monitoring instruction plan (plan)As plan about conduct of monitoring instruction that the metropolis and districts based on food hygiene law Article 24 perform, we devise to prevent outbreak of harm caused by eating and drinking, and to plan safe securing of eating habits of citizen of the prefecture.

February 1
... February 28

Hygiene Division 


The eighth saga Gold Plan 21 (Saga elderly person health welfare program, Saga Nursing insurance business support plan) (original bill)・We set policy objective of elderly person measure that you should aim at from medium-term viewpoint as Saga and clarify measure that you should work on for the realization.
・We devise elderly person health welfare program (in old-age persons' welfare law grounds), both plans of Nursing insurance business support plan (in Nursing Care Insurance Law grounds) as "Saga Gold Plan 21" integrally.
・Role to support elderly person insurance welfare program that municipalities (insurer) formulate and Nursing insurance business plan from broad-based point of view, and to coordinate. Assume three years one sitting, the eighth plan period from 2020 to 2023.

Around February

Long-life Society Division 


"(tentative name) second Saga Crime victim support promotion plan" (plan)Other than basic policy and concrete measure, we set matter necessary to promote measure to promote measure about Crime victim support in this prefecture based on "Saga Crime victim support by-law" generally and premeditatedly.

... around March

-Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division 


The fourth Dietary education promotion basic plan (plan)We devised Dietary education promotion basic plan to become the first in 2006 and promoted Dietary education in cooperation with the second, the third and affiliate of municipalities and the multi-field. As time limit of the third plan is until 2020, we have development (revision) of plan after 2021 in reference to past approach or result.

... around March

-Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division 


Food loss reduction promotion plan (tentative name)The food loss reduction promotion law is established, and the issue of food loss is sincere, and, in the basic policy, it is expected that the prefecture devises food loss reduction promotion plan positively because it is problem that you should work on. We perform the opinion collection of each section concerned and are going to devise promotion plan in future.

Around March

Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division 


Saga agriculture promotion area maintenance basic policy (plan)Based on "law about maintenance of agriculture promotion area", we appointed agriculture promotion area and set basic way of thinking about security of agricultural land or maintenance of agricultural production base.

The second half of the year


Rural & Fishing Area Division 


Imari Captain of the port period plan (draft)Prior to Imari Port harbor plan revision that aimed for almost realizing figure which there should be of harbor space in point for 10-15 years, we gathered harbor user, citizen, people of learning and experience, the formation of general harbor space that almost stood in former long-term field of vision based on opinion, requests such as relative government agency for 20-30 years and the way as plan, vision.

By the end of 2020
We are going to carry out

Ports & Harbors Division


Partial revision (plan) of the Saga Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations enforcement regulationsPartial revision to add solar cell generation business to target business

By the end of 2020

We are going to carry out

Environment Division 


Reviews of the New Year holidays opening in cultural facilities such as prefectural museumsWith prefectural cultural facilities (prefectural museum, prefectural art museum, Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Nagoya Castle Museum, Saga Castle History Museum) operating by the prefectural direct management, we open in temporariness of period (from 1 to 3 on January) for New Year holidays when we included New Year's Day from 2005, but, not flat correspondence, we intend to set closed day according to administration policy of each hall and perform review to plan more effective effect-like facility administration.

By the end of 2020

We are going to carry out

Culture Division 


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