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We carry out Saga at-home respirator user emergency power source maintenance costs payment business (72 hours business of life) in 2020

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 We plan security of life in emergency at the time of disaster by person with a disability, child who uses at home respirator for maintenance of life, children chronicity identification illness child corresponding toward the appointment intractable disease patient (we say people with a disability as follows.), and paying the purchase costs of tool pertaining to emergency power source maintenance partly and carry out business for the purpose of contributing to increase of the welfare for 72 hours of life.

It is driven by conduct


Target tool

 Business own house generator, batteries such as respirators, outside battery

Target person

 It is each next issue corresponding to all among house ino people with a disability in the prefecture

 (1)Person who uses at home respirator for life support

 (2)Person who needs emergency power source for life support for at the time of disaster


The furtherance amount of money

 Sum of either few amount of standard (upper limit 200,000 yen) and purchase expense 


Application method

 Application: Public Health and Welfare Office which has jurisdiction over residential area of applicant
 Documents necessary for application:
 You match with payment application of style 1, and please prepare the following documents.
 (1)Documents (copies of resident's card) which can confirm the residence in the prefecture
 (2)Written estimate that tool handling supplier made
 (3)Documents (specifications) which clarify epitome of tool
 (4)Documents (designated identification of intractable disease recipient, identification of children chronicity identification illness medical care recipient, copying of temporary nursing at home remit) which can confirm that we use respirator
 ※(4) When there are not documents, please use "respirator wearing certificate" of this.
 ※Application before the purchase is necessary. 
  Overlap application with other payment business (including municipalities business) is not accepted.
  We can do payment application again until limit, the total of the amount of payment reach the amount of upper limit before the same year.

Summary, style (as for the payment petition of style 1)

  • PDF Conduct summary We open with the other window(PDF: 428.3 kilobytes)
  •   For more information about business, please see conduct summary.



※When there are not documents of "application method" mentioned above (4), please use certificate.


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