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The Governer visit (June 19, 2020) of Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

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Interview of Governor Yamaguchi and Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

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 On June 19, 2020, Saga prefectural government office was visited Kazuchika Iwata (iwatakazuchika) Parliamentary Secretary of Defense, and, for Governor Yamaguchi, result that visited Ariake Sea fishermen's cooperative association on the same day was reported.

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 Interview (eight minutes ten seconds) of Governor Yamaguchi and Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata We open with the other window(external link)


[the following, the remark whole sentence at the time of interview]


○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 It is Iwata of Parliamentary Secretary of Defense. During the opening of a meeting of The Prefectural Assembly, we had time from the very busy inside in such a form today and, in a while ago, I called formally today toward Ariake Sea fishermen's cooperative association and said hello.

 Though expressed, and one is just greatly from last year two points, about deployment of the Ground Self-Defense Force Osprey that change in court nobles explain and is that explanation in 15 branches all finished in all, and there is when the thanks tell about this in one turning point and form that it seems to be said.

 And term was finished soon, so, in 德eikumigocho in particular, it thanked ealdorman in addition all the time during this period to have had this problem face.

 And I gave an explanation about big problem called some other time this national defense though indication was matching if another one point, this were various.

 We told about it seeming to be said that and we told about explanation though we had part about defense of the South-West Islands of these days, part of, also, this international situation, some such what time, and there was part that we repeated and thing called Osprey of such inside Ground Self-Defense Force performed an important function.

 After that, as association, we seem to just say that it is such a time when the system changes and heard, but are to have asked from this some other time to have you discuss about this problem under the new system in properly these committees.

 About this matter, there is from ealdorman when we do transfer well when we have answering in such a meaning.

 We seem to say that it is various point at issue, or voice of question particularly worry, such a thing are arranged again and will become clear and will think in future if discussion advances in such a form again in this problem, association.

 Of course there is even such a thought that we assume Ministry of Defense and to face well sincerely and give this problem an answer and, also, we do talks about process in the future well with the prefecture and want to ask for the future and thing understanding and cooperation again as it is thought that we fall into line and want to push forward. That is all from me.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 All of Parliamentary Secretary Iwata beginning Ministry of Defense, thank you for your work. And we want to show respect for taking important duty called national defense some other time and want to have you take the job well.

 Though we hear talk that included fall case by Osprey of the U.S. forces of Yokota base though it is one point, it is what, or is there place catching about that?

○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 Though it seems to be said that you are confirming the situation a little including there whether you dropped and still gives as loss so far, about this point, it is natural, but it seems to be said that it is local, important problem like this that naturally it is uneasy, and it seems that it may be like this, and there must not be and, about case of Yokota base, thinks. We have you do this cause investigation, full disclosure of accident well for the American side even if we assume us and are strongly doing offer in order to have prevention of recurrence be thorough.

 The United States is so, but it seems to be said that we want to work as us with extreme caution and will think that there is not such a thing in future.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 Of course though it is story of the U.S. forces, we arrive there well and as we had story from parliamentary secretary, we hear and want to just have you tell that again.

○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 This wants to do report properly again in the prefecture if we know the whole aspect.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 So each branch was all over though what I wanted to express from me had fishermen's cooperative association was sincere and face this time, and I offered my gratitude for fishermen's cooperative association. After all, that, after all, what want to express some other time accepts what the prefecture judged about use of Self-Defense Forces request to Saga Airport in this way for big problem called national defense; when ask straight for there though judged, and, after all, had story from Parliamentary Secretary Iwata very from the front in such a place today, think that should have is sincere in there being all these need by all means, and first priority think about talking.

○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 We want to take thing telling of the Governer again well. As it goes without saying that this really protects country, and and it is important duty to be concerned with root and trunk of country and it cannot carry out without understanding of local and cooperation, it ticks away this point on chest well again and wants to do approach now.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 Thank you. Finally only as for one point. Though we think that it is revealed repeatedly though this can encounter as Parliamentary Secretary Iwata is hometown and tells by your allowance, after all, fishermen's cooperative associations operates in Ariake Sea, and there is very strong thing, and thought for being doing occupation hard thinks that it is a matter of course that has the very sometimes various concern.

 We say pain for saying such a concern or think that would be good as such what is Mr. Iwata of hometown by all means when you share well and can contact with fishermen's cooperative association. As I always snuggle up to never leave that.

○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 I see. It seems to be said that we want to take in our heart really well and thinks that it is hometown on having story that we seem to say, and taking this position as me. Probably it is called various point at issue again from now on or thinks that story comes out, probably, after all, as for the basic part, what kind of influence does it have on environment of the sea most if Osprey of the Ground Self-Defense Force is deployed in this way? We would like, and eventually, as that explains including thing scientific really properly carefully as we think that it is place whether influences such a thing including paste business, fishermen's cooperative association and myself snuggle up near how properly and can face in this problem or I think like that and want to act as voice of the again worry.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 Thank you. As we want to achieve the job as the prefecture, and there will be thought that fishermen's cooperative association is various from the front well in there as of course business actor is Ministry of Defense though we want to have you face each other, we want to carry out that there are us well as the prefecture in such inside. We want to ask in the future.

○Parliamentary Secretary of Defense Iwata

 Thank you in advance.

○Governor Yamaguchi

 Thank you.


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