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We held the 30th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting

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We held the 30th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting (June 26)

 We held the 30th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting on Friday, June 26.
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Meeting contents

○The Governer

 It became the 30th headquarters meeting. After just checking each Kyushu prefecture as it is turning point, all prefectures fit in 15 times from about ten times, and we want to thank in and municipalities having you see live today some other time whether we do double or more.

 And, about heavy rain of seasonal rain front, heavy rain warning and flood warning, the earth and sand warning were given, but are that there was not human damage slightly though we get on, and there seems to have been collapse of aspect. We want to be cautious with all of municipalities together from now on as it is season called rainy caution. Thanks in advance for your help.

 Then, in Saga, national benefit rate has already already provided wonderful number of 94.9% about special Supplementary Income Payment of 100,000 yen for 64.7%. This is gift of effort that all of municipalities sends to of citizen of the prefecture in the painful situation, citizen, townsmans. We want to thank you for having had you work in team Saga, all Saga.

 Well, it was today's meeting, but, at first, continued request that we restrained ourselves from as much as possible about metropolitan area, Hokkaido, traffic with Kitakyusyu in first turn, Saga until now unless it was unavoidable. At first, about Kitakyushu-shi, these 1-week-old infected people decrease as four people and judge that we calm down. We followed, and, for example, daytime karaokes of Otaru confined aaru degree, and, well, it was today's meeting, but, at first, about Hokkaido, as for these 23 1-week-old infected people, this Hokkaido and north Kyushu continued request that they restrained themselves from as much as possible from judgment to have prospect in first turn, Saga though we were until now unless they were unavoidable about metropolitan area, Hokkaido, traffic with Kitakyusyu. At first, it is 54 again today though these 1-week-old infected people decrease as four people about Kitakyushu-shi and are metropolitan area to stay. After all, for some reason there is infection, and, also, it seems to be said that number appears in Saitama, Kanagawa, place called Chiba, and even the workplace hears from night town and person that young. Therefore, we want to appeal for caution restraining ourselves from as much as possible sequentially unless it is unavoidable about metropolitan area after today.

   Even if though is canceled, and traffic gradually goes ahead prefectural border matagitoiunoga in country, go in place of anywhere, including particularly night town want to have act while warning enough each.

 As it is in a situation that, thank you, new infected person does not leave Saga for 52 days, we want to offer my gratitude for citizens of the prefecture and medical institutions some other time. And, in citizens of the prefecture, various, malls that ached as "support love" so far in the prefecture, exercise of cooperation of producer are gradually performed now. We want to have you carry out such an activity the most now as it is activity situation of support love.

 And we want to show way of thinking about festival today. Not saying self-restraint self-restraint, we intend to be able to do as much as possible and are wanting to think in direction called holding while warning. Of course we may ask for sitting depending on the situation in future as the prefecture in case such as the second waves. However, we would like basically as we want to challenge with about how you send society economic activities in that while there will be what's called corona from now on.

○Policy manager

 As we made the point (plan) of "local festival" holding, we explain.

 It is the prefecture, and what's called festival of local unit is thing which we receive that voice what kind of place should warn saying that we do whether we may do or goes up a lot and made from now on though we think that it is planned a lot.

 There was from the Governer some time ago, but we succeed traditional culture while devising approach to be connected in infection countermeasures in such a situation as it is now in "support love activity situation" and want you to hold local festival well. It is point that we made with such thought.

 At first, though is 1, principle with one, point on holding, this is generally said to be in corona countermeasures; is told. Please avoid three dense ha. In addition, please perform preventive measures against appropriate infection. It is thorough hand-washing, sterilization, ventilation. Then please confirm temperature, physical condition of the day. This asks a basic favor.

  And though it means for sponsor, the administration local government, we devise approach to lead to prevention of infection such as participant or visitors and it seems to be said that we want you to hold local festival and thinks. For example, please make event participant, name list of participating person. In addition, 3 dense o, please keep off device with earmark of position and are when line and crowd are expected. In addition, we want to have you be careful about ventilation enough in the case of indoor.

 In addition, we would like hand-washing place, setting of alcohol antiseptic solution.

 It is point toward participant successively.

 It seems to be said that participant, event becoming leading figure would like local as possible and thinks. For example, it seems to be said that people who go home from Tokyo, and participate would like hometown as much as possible this year in the center, and they think that it is usual though they think that there are various kinds. We do device avoiding a person's contact as much as possible with omikoshis. In addition, we want you to do interval and invention including way of forming line when shout, big utterance including the chanting of a Noh text are necessary. Then we think that joint ownership such as Japanese towels wants you to avoid that it is water bottle moistening flute. Please avoid mawashi drink of liquor and joint ownership of teacup.

 In addition, to various places to look at for visitors this time please.

 When he/she goes out to an audience, I would like understanding and cooperation in appeal from sponsors.

 We have you refrain from shout in loud voice, approaches more than required. In addition, we have you take garbage such as thing or meal which you wore home properly. After having gone out, it is to wash finger and face well.

 Generally we think whether you may perform banquets in before and after that may be before afterwards when we do festival. Prior lesson and meeting, display interchange after the fact want to have you enjoy with caution each other.

 For example, platter dishes avoid if possible and want you to devise with lunches about this year. In addition, the exchanges of cup want to have you decline for each other.

 In addition, please avoid banquet for the middle of the night.

 We think that festival has many stands and is opened a store, but we avoid three dense o depending on the fact and hope that we take thorough infection preventive measures such as conduct of the public hygiene management including hand-washing, security at interval.

 In addition, as a result, crowd is easy to happen when open a store with stand, it is thought about getting up. I would like consideration, examination near sponsor. In addition, person treating food and drink, please carry out health care and hygiene management thoroughly.

 Though it is worked now in general restaurant, we establish partition among store and customers for prevention of spray and want you to devise.

 Then we made point (plan) on worshiping, and holding to wear mask and face guard appropriately as needed, and to hope that we carried out appropriate hand-washing thoroughly.

 Though I am assuming plan now, I want to receive opinion from all of you in various ways again. After having opinion as opinion lists e-mail address and phone number by department of policy plan team though we improve after this on homepage, and having almost had opinion for prospect for around one week, it seems to be said that we want to go for held point in form that took this (plan) based on such an opinion and thinks.


 Then countermeasures is corona-related and does various approaches. We want to have report about each situation.

 At first, concerning company support, we would also like the industrial manager of Labor Relations Department from culture, sports interchange chief of the bureau.

○The industrial manager of Labor Relations Department

 Then we report the situation of support to proprietor.

 We support company to try hard looking ahead through supplier, that placed in the very severe situation in we corona positively. We introduce today on three.

 At first, when Saga supports fund raising to bear the interest total amount of 3 years in prefecture from the stage ahead of the whole country from March 19 though it is new corona countermeasures fund. This is the prefecture in Kyushu, and it becomes only Saga to do it. It is such an original policy. A lot of this has the use and we do and have application of 109.4 billion yen from 4,884, amount of money though this is point in time late last week. Though they suffer at time for around one week as there is some examination after receiving application, all this is things that it is expected that it is carried out guarantee consent and financing.

 Then last, and it is said with money of support next challenge company, but this of country though continue and is still reported benefit in various ways, of country continue, and benefit is not, for example, began shop after it was in this year, is system to support company to challenge newly which benefit of such a country is not for as founded or enlarged store.

 When it is announced today, and it is accepted from next Monday what relations of freelance or founding of this year, thing founded from January through March intend for, country finally appeared, too, but, as for us, this has already applied system from May 1. We have the present 90.

 As for one, dropping out of corporate is done, and restaurant was opened in March and it is to have been in trouble very, but though we were disappointed that it is not that I need comparison with the ratio in system of country at the same month, last year, we know that there is money of this support and it was done by saying to try hard again and comes in new model corona when you introduce a little.

 In addition, we have voice that we were able to be positive toward for money of this support again though there is closure request and was not able to be open, so mind almost compromised at one time though it is April, and beauty treatment salon shop was opened when you desire this.

 In addition, as independence was done, and this finally had company though it was specialized construction business of the construction industry. Though it was that construction industry is done independently by oneself, but orders have largely decreased in corona, at first, we have voice that we are very thankful for from employee for money of this support as salary was able to pay.

 Then there is new business style start subsidy. This is countermeasures of new Corona. Though it is said so-called new lifestyle or new normal, it is thing which brings about new Saga-style, and supports such an aggressive approach in this way. This has 136 acceptance at present, too.

 For example, it is relieved, and customer is in customer having had you come back again as and person that cafe is operated puts sanitization sheet on each table or circulator for ventilation was installed.

  Then this is person whom miscellaneous goods are sold to, but greatly shifts toward the online sale taking the opportunity of this time. When we do so, there is example which Kanto or Tohoku or order from distant place came to enter.

 In addition, we have voice that it seems to be said that we are spared very much in such a thing that snack was floor of carpet so far, but sterilization is difficult, so is readily turned into so-called soft and smooth floor, and visitor can come very in peace by having turned into floor where there is alcohol sterilization.

 We want to support such a various approaches positively sequentially.

○Culture, sports interchange chief of the bureau

 We explain money of Saga type accommodations support, money of Saga type reservations bus taxi support which we asked for by revised budget in May.

   It is decided that application is called June 30 from May 21 and, at first, about money of Saga type accommodations support, it is hotel, inn in the prefecture for tourists this time and does with requirements at this time and it is with the prefecture inn association or, from purpose to want to intend for place having you fix your eyes on corona convergence and work on local sightseeing integrally, intends for members such as Sightseeing Association of each municipality. There is what that has been applied for now, and the number of the application is in 234 application currently, and, by the relations, the number of the payment becomes 86% for the number of the application as 202. As we accept until June 30, we would appreciate your filing that it is for which we will join inn associations newly again from now on and apply for if.

 In addition, money of Saga type reservations bus taxi support is doing this by June 30, but it is 200,000 yen, but there is just application about all quantity that we grasp basically, and, about bus, it is 100% for the number of the application as 117 about the number of the payment 323, taxi 1 office, and, in this, this thinks that it is in form that generally supported all quantity because of reservations bus one in 100,000 yen, taxi 1 office.

○The Municipal Support Division head

 We report the payment results of Supplementary Income Payment especially.

 There is as of June 24. There was remark from the beginning, the Governer, but benefit is sent to various places of many citizens of the prefecture by effort of all of the municipalities. 94.9% of benefit rates on the basis of households of Saga exceed 90% in all 20 municipality. As for 64.7% of national benefit rates, Saga exceeds that 30.2 points.

 In addition, it was June 12 that benefit rates of Saga exceeded 90%, and national benefit rate at the point in time was 43.7%. We think that it is not to 100% to come to where payment is not hoped for in target household, but there is feeling that Oita payment advanced to in to hope for. We return for quick payment to inhabitants in municipalities for the Golden Week and begin preparations for formation of revised budget, print, mail of application, and really various approaches including correspondence from inhabitants to application method and many inquiries including payment time, correspondence to foreigner and domestic violence victim are having been done.

 In addition, in Omachi-cho, there was original devised case including reception desk of application by drive-through method.

 In this way, stipend is sent to many citizens of the prefecture as a result that it was made effort the staff of municipalities.

○The Governer

 This well thinks while we still say single-digit stand now in big city, or there is place where only several percent are still paid that it was in a situation that 20, all exceed 90%, and is there the cause?

○The Municipal Support Division head

 Though we do not know, after all, as for clear what, as for good pressure that people of municipalities want to send to various places of inhabitants early within limited period having been in, I hear. Therefore it is to have worked really hard.

 We shared with us about information finished from municipalities quickly collectively toward each municipality even if we did.

○The Governer

 That's why is it to have you try hard till the last as it reaches in remaining 5.1% if there is though only this is more likely to be paid by person that it really has a problem to be early as we tried hard to here?

○The Municipal Support Division head

 We want to squeeze up in future with municipalities.

○The superintendent of education

 We report the situation of "SAGA2020SSP cup Saga High School athletic meet" holding as the prefectural high school entirety and prefectural qualifier of Koshien Games, substituted meeting now.

 This meeting begins on Saturday of June 13, and 24 competitions, 25th kind end by the end of last week. We are having you do correspondence to commend while sharing including the Governer, both deputy-governors, high body consecutive chairperson and me or culture, sports interchange chief of the bureau.

 Though I heard story with students or teachers over venues as many as possible, we have thanks very much, after all, there was such a meeting.

 In addition, by being very thankful for this, have favorable reception though we have you please with whether cups which there is not in the normal high school entirety are with medal very and are just doing online delivery mainly on no audience game about online delivery again.

 And infectious disease countermeasures in each venue is each venue or has you work depending on characteristic of competition well and it seems to be said that we do not have me work on this really well and feels.

 The remainder plays a game 7, and there will be the eighth kind in future. Association of the final of men's soccer and soft tennis has the end of this week. When next month begins, baseball begins on July 11, and the last is planned as judo of August 1 and 2.

 We seem to say that it wants to end in success example safely with resolution well sequentially and are thinking.

○The manager of General Affairs Department

 Then we explain the contents as we submit additional bill of revised budget to The Prefectural Assembly today in June.

 It was that it agreed with the second revised budget of country as response to new coronavirus infectious disease about thing which we submitted today and included the amount of indispensability about that.

 The amount of this additional revised budget is 611.139 billion yen for the amount of budget after revision as 56.205 billion yen.

 At first, about main thing, the amount of budget for medium and small-sized business by business capital loan relations is 40.8 billion yen. We check with that, and there is support about thing called preventive measures against infectious diseases in medical institution, Pharmacies, social welfare facility, and it is 5.4 billion yen thing of bonus for special services toward the staff such as 8 billion yen, medical facility, welfare facilities this, and it is considerably, as a whole, big matter.

○The Department of Health and Welfare head

   We say with new coronavirus contact confirmation application that task force of the MHLW of country makes, abbreviation COCOA, but distribute the flyer. As you know, this is released on June 19 and is trial for one month, but 4.34 million cases seem to be downloaded as of June 25. In this way, person who had notice when suspected to have close contact can expect that consciousness becomes higher for contact with next another person such as own physical condition. In addition, we think that it leads to receiving inspection and medical treatment early by doubting infection when trouble occurs in physical condition.

 As we seem to say and think, it seems to be said that we would like installation of that there is many by all means and thinks that it is useful for prevention of infection spread in such a thing. Thank you in advance.


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