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[July 7 update] Point of Saga "festival of area" holding

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[July 7 update] Point of Saga "festival of area" holding

 We succeed traditional culture while devising approach to lead to infection countermeasures in "support love activity situation", and let's hold local festival.

  We exemplified in local unit, municipalities unit about point that each such as sponsor, participant warned for holding of festival of held so-called area clearly this time.

  Of all of you taking local festival would appreciate your referring to.



Materials ※At first, please see this.


Point of Saga "festival of area" holding

1 principle

 (1) Of three do not become dense.

 (2) Preventive measures against appropriate infection (thorough hand-washing, sterilization, ventilation).

 (3) Temperature of the day, confirmation of physical condition. In the case of disorder, we do not participate.


  ※ Please be careful about fever, abnormality of a cold symptom, tiredness, suffocation, sense of smell and taste including a cough, sore throat in particular.

  ※   Let's prepare by oneself not to share handkerchief, mask, drink with other people.


 For 2 sponsors, administration local government

 We devise approach to lead to prevention of infection such as participant or visitors, and let's hold local festival.

 Participant (leading figure of event) would like hometown as much as possible in the center.


 (illustration 1) Making of list of event participant. (visitors are excluded)

 (illustration 2) When line and crowd are expected, is marks of position; invention.

 (illustration 3) Indoors ventilation for ten minutes. Every one of participant attention.


 ※ In venue, we would like security of hand-washing place, setting of alcohol antiseptic solution.

 ※ To visitors as needed appeal of mask wearing. We would like consideration to heat stroke.


For 3 participants 

 Participant (leading figure of event) would like hometown as much as possible in the center. 

 Let's participate in local festival while being careful about contact between participants each other.


 (illustration 1) Device who avoids a person's contact by mikoshis as much as possible.

 (illustration 2) When big utterance such as the chanting of a Noh text or shout is necessary, invention such as interval or way of forming line with people.

 (illustration 3) Avoid joint ownership such as water bottle, Japanese towel moistening festival flute.


 ※ As for the parts to touch by hand such as ritualistic implements for common use, appropriate sterilization, please.

 ※ Let's refrain from contact to the audience by "lion dance" as much as possible.

 ※ Let's avoid mawashi drink of liquor and joint ownership of teacup.


 For 4 visitors

  When he/she goes out to an audience, in appeal from sponsors, I would like understanding and cooperation.


 (illustration 1) Refrain from shout in loud voice, approaches more than required.

 (illustration 2) Garbage such as thing or meal which put on in the body take-out.

 (illustration 3) After outing, we wash finger and face well.


 ※ Visit from area where the prefecture appeals to for self-restraint of movement, please be careful.


  About 5 banquets

 Prior lesson and meeting, display interchange after the fact are careful each other, and let's enjoy.


 (illustration 1) Avoid platter cooking if possible; invention with lunches. ※ Avoid attendance with unspecified number of the general public.

 (illustration 2) "The exchanges of cup" for each other hesitation.   ※ Avoid banquet for the middle of the night.



 About offer of food and drink including 6 stands

  * We avoid three dense o depending on the fact and find interval with conduct, people and people in general hygiene management such as hand-washing and hope that we take thorough infection preventive measures.

  * When, as a result, a person's "crowd" is caused by stand store opening, about the number of the branches, I would like examination in organisers.

  * Person treating food and drink, please carry out health care and hygiene management thoroughly. I would like attention in particular, instruction including case to employ parttimer.

  * We establish partition among store and visitors, and, for prevention of spray, I would like to speak to device.

  * We wear mask and face guard appropriately as needed and hope that we carry out frequent and appropriate hand-washing thoroughly.



 Department of policy plan team (telephone) 0952-25-7360 



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