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"Saga health company declaration 2020" office

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"Saga health company declaration 2020" office

Registration offices as of July 13, 2020 are as follows. (we publish only office where publication was hoped for in the case of ※ registration. Office where publication is not hoped for becomes "-".)



Company name 

Type of industry 

The location 

 1 Kyushu Sekisui Kogyo Manufacturing industry Kanzaki-shi
 2 Asuka tree planting construction Construction industry Tosu-shi
 3 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Branch Saga branch office Pharmaceutical products Saga-shi
 4 Unoike landscape gardening Landscape gardening, public works business Saga-shi
 5 Narutomi construction Engineering works construction industry Ureshino-shi
 6 - - -
 7 BRIDGESTONE BRM West Japan Operations Department Kyushu Office Manufacturing industry Tosu-shi
 8 JSR micro Kyushu company Chemical industry Saga-shi
 9 Sigematsu Kensetsu Construction industry Saga-shi
 10 Fujisaki landscape gardening Landscape gardening business Saga-shi
 11 kokoto Karatsu office System application development Karatsu-shi
 12 Oshima Gumi Construction industry Tosu-shi
 13 Treasure book construction Building trades Tosu-shi
 14 Onishi industry  Tubing Karatsu-shi
 15 Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Saga branch office Life law Saga-shi
 16 Rengo Co., Ltd. Tosu factory Manufacturing industry Tosu-shi
 17 IRIS OHYAMA Inc. Tosu factory Household appliances, LED proof, daily necessities production and sales Tosu-shi
 18 The national university corporation Saga University medical department hospital workplace The medical work Saga-shi
 19 National university corporation Saga University Nabeshima workplace School education Saga-shi
 20 Muta forestry tree planting Forestry Tosu-shi
 21 DYDEN CORPORATION Saga office Manufacturing industry  Miyaki-cho
 22 Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. Kyushu office Food manufacturing industry Saga-shi
 23 Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Saga branch office Power supply sale Saga-shi
 24 Sumitomo Life Insurance Co. Saga branch office Life law Saga-shi
 25 Educational foundation Nagahara school School education Saga-shi
 26 Sadenko Construction industry Saga-shi
 27 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. The damage law Saga-shi
 28 - - -
 29 Saga prefectural government office Administration Saga-shi
 30 - - -
 31 Techno home Construction industry Saga-shi
 32 NIPPON TUNGSTEN Co., Ltd. Kiyama factory Electric machine implement manufacturing industry Kiyama-cho
 33 Glycomanufacturing Japan Saga factory Production such as milk, milk drink Saga-shi
 34 Matuo Construction Construction industry Saga-shi
 35 Tosu kewpie Food manufacturing industry Tosu-shi
 36 Koito Kyushu company Production and sales Saga-shi
 37 Amamoto green tract of land landscape gardening Construction industry Tosu-shi
 38 YAKULT HONSHA Co., Ltd. Saga factory Dairy products manufacturing industry Kanzaki-shi
 39 TOYOTA BOSHOKU Kyushu company Production and sales Kanzaki-shi
 40 AXA life insurance Saga business branch office Life law Saga-shi
 41 - - -
 42 Saga gas City gas business Saga-shi
 43 SUMCO Corporation Kyushu office Manufacturing industry Imari-shi


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