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We hold eco-event that special plan "product" "can learn" and "we feel" from on holiday in the summer!

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             We make eco-backgrounds   Quiz rally

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In the prefecture, we are absent in summer to be able to learn while enjoying about environmental problem mainly on global warming and the countermeasures under the cosponsorship with Ogi-shi, and plan holds eco-event that and "we make" "can learn" and "we feel" from as follows particularly.

eco experiment performance by "Mr. ramma" of environment performer and various eco experience lectures, display carry out electric car display test-ride event as holding event at the same time to be interested in warming countermeasures and energy saving in everyday life, and to be a chance to work on the countermeasures.

As for these plans, it is contents which serve as a reference in the free study of summer vacation of children very much.

In addition, we are doing participant of all corners except electric car display test-ride event only with elected candidate by prior application, lottery for prevention of infection of new coronavirus infectious disease this year.

Including parent and child, we look forward to participation application of many people.


 In addition, participation application receptionist is Thursday, July 30 according to the later description until 10:00 from 10:00 on Friday, July 17. So that application hastens!

On the date

 Schedule: Saturday, August 8, 2020, 9th Sunday

 Time: From 10:00 to 16:00



Holding place

 yumepuratto Ogi (253-21, Ogimachi, Ogi-shi)



 * eco experiment performance (80 every day) of ramma teacher

  From 10:30 to 12:00

  Let's sense large air gun of (Guinness) bodily world's most!


 * eco experience lecture

  From 14:00 to 15:30

 •Environment-conscious school (18 every day) which is boiled that Nissan is boiled

  Let's learn structure of ecological electric car!

 •The making of original ice pack (12 every day)

  We mend ice pack usable repeatedly!

 •Log craft experience    (12 every day)

  We mend wonderful decoration while discovering difference of tree!


 * Participant privilege

 •We present premium by eco-quiz challenge

   We distribute quiz rally card in eco experiment performance show, eco experience lecture venue.

  •Domestic energy saving diagnosis (20 sets of daily limitation)

   We suggest skill in energy saving that each family had using diagnostic software.

   We present point ticket for 300 yen to be usable at convenience stores!


At the same time held event

 * Nissan electric car display test-ride event ※Prior application is not necessary!

  Please take a test ride on this occasion!

  ※The Nissan staff will ride.

  ※We can have you ride by driving of the Nissan staff, but not only child but also protector, please ride together.



Participation application method

 [application reception desk period] From Friday, July 17, 2020 10:00 to Thursday, July 30 10:00

 [application] Special page We open with the other window(external link) in Saga prevention of global warming activity promotion center homepage


  ※We draw lots after the deadline during application reception desk period and will notify elected candidate by E-mail by Friday, July 31.

  If successful notice is received, please reply by all means by Monday, August 3 saying "we confirmed". When there was not reply, we let you assume cancellation    

   There is ku case.



 PDF "Eco-event that special plan "product" "can learn" and "we feel" from in the summer on holiday" flyer We open with the other window(PDF: 1.82 megabytes)








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