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We held the 33rd Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting

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We held the 33rd Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting (July 31)

 We held the 33rd Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting on Friday, July 31.
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Meeting contents

○The Department of Health and Welfare head

 We report the infection situation in the prefecture.

 It was in this meeting, 27 days last time, but reported infection of 20 people then. Thereafter, we confirm infection every day except 27th, and it is 29 by confirmation this morning as there was one infection again this morning.

 There was characteristic that there were many club users of Fukuoka-shi of young generations being often found as for the past characteristic, most of being related again with Fukuoka-shi. Meanwhile, instance that relations with Fukuoka-shi cannot confirm definitely as before including the yesterday's infected person comes out that it is Saga Univ. student.

 The yesterday's 73rd case is woman in her 30s, but this person is investigating infection course now.

 In addition, it is insurance company duty, but when we are announced about outbreak of infected person on homepage and see that, on since July 20, in this company, six infected people seem to be woven in to the 73rd case of this prefecture (in the whole country), but, as for three people of those, this neighborhood thinks whether there is much infection of Fukuoka-shi as Fukuoka-shi, too.

 The 74th case is the 73rd case which after doing 22 polymerase chain reaction tests toward the workplace same as, confirmed positive. It is asymptomatic person before infection now and is example that confirmed infection by polymerase chain reaction test in asymptomatic contact. This person is woman in her 50s, and seat is the next thing, and infection in the workplace is thought about besides in the workplace same as the 73rd case as said some time ago.

 In addition, we inspect two with this connection so far and are all negative at present.

 Person of the 75th case is woman in twenties and is worked at restaurant in the prefecture. This person is of infection course Surveys now, too. We are going to carry out family and the office staff, polymerase chain reaction test of more than ten people including visitor in future.

 And person of the 76th case that became clear was man in 50s this morning, and there was fever on 27th. It is stayed in Hiroshima and we come back to Saga and are eaten and drunk with friend afterwards relatively for a long term in the prefecture until 25th. We decide to investigate infection course in infection during stay in Hiroshima and infection by the dinner in the prefecture, such what.

 By the way, it is like conditions that 68 infected people leave in 30 days from 24th in Hiroshima.

 In this way, in several here, example that infection course is hard to find occurs not example that infection in Fukuoka-shi is doubted clearly. We seem to say and, including Fukuoka, think whether it will be necessary to watch the infection situation in other prefectures including each Kyushu prefecture closely.

 In addition, like the 73rd case and the 74th case, it is thought that we often talk without just mask in acquaintances, but as it is that infection example at seat next to such a company was realistic, we wear a mask as much as possible when even acquaintance talks in the current situation that expansion of infection is seen in for a long time in short distance and it seems to be said that we want you to be conscious of prevention of infection and is thinking.


 Though it becomes data until today, this is that that these prefectures are 20s or less occupies large layer in thing that there was explanation from the Department of Health and Welfare head, but by slightly in its 30s and in its 50s, two come as it was 90% in the last time. It is that generations above some that increase.

 This is the situation of Kyushu.

 Though manager explained about Fukuoka some time ago, we have infection in restaurants in leading downtown when we see in this way and have cluster. It is Fukuoka or Kagoshima or Okinawa. As medical system, Miyazaki is not necessarily Miyazaki-shi, and, as for Kumamoto, shipbuilding industry relations and Nagasaki are in a state that cluster spreads at snacks around little.

○The Governer

 When that is from four weeks ago to two weeks ago, the right side is latest two weeks.


 Yes, as latest two weeks and left side further say that it is two weeks ago than that, the right side calculates number separately and is writing. Therefore time when news of show pub of Kagoshima was caught flourishingly is 74 now from 141 before two weeks. Miyazaki becomes 101 from 3 in these days, and Okinawa increases rapidly, too, and from 7 to 175. It is that Fukuoka considerably rapidly increases in here these days.

 Constant closure request has been already already hung in Kagoshima when we look at Kagoshima concerning closure request and then understands when we are beginning to hang in Miyazaki and some Okinawa pinpoint.

○Crisis management, the news chief of the bureau

 At first, it might be said that cluster occurred in show pub in of Kagoshima, and closure request was just hung throughout the prefecture Kagoshima on 21st from July 8 as there was story of calling closure though we would touch a little.

 And, at first, closure request was hung for seven for restaurant with reception including seven outskirts including there, Takanabemachi from July 28 as it might be said that this place was of Takanabe-cho, and cluster occurred though it was Miyazaki.

 This is enlarged, and, from August 1, closure request is hung in thing throughout the prefecture until August 16.

 And, as for the offer of alcoholic beverages, request is provided in whole prefecture as shortening of business hours about such a restaurant including bar except restaurant accompanied with the reception separately from this as until 19:00 until 20:00.

 And, in this, closure request will be done for downtown of Naha-shi, snack of Matsuyama district and restaurant with reception including cabaret from August 1 to 15th though it is Okinawa.

○The superintendent of education

 When the family, younger brother, sister come if there are many people in their twenties, so recent infection example becomes in its twenties, there may be the person concerned that high school students are or less, so is watching with feeling of strain very much every day.

 Fortunately, it seems to be said that it was closed in elementary and junior high school of Miyaki and Kanzaki temporarily today though there is not and hears closed example until now.

 So it seems to be said that we want to urge and thinks cooperation of the neighborhood to be as it seems to be said whether infected person in school can prevent well by having you contact in the case of example that can receive polymerase chain reaction test in families if there are any having you do infection countermeasures among families well, the situation worried again promptly toward the school and is thinking.

 And it will be said that it is rainy, and baseball that we postponed finally takes down curtain as Tuesday and the semifinals, the final with tomorrow and judo, that the day after tomorrow on Monday on finally this weekend though we start on June 13 though it is SSP cup held now, and baseball enters, and it was in long scene that we cannot hold judo again until August. We want to work with feeling of strain till the last well.

○The manager of General Affairs Department

 In Department of General Affairs, it was talked some time ago, but there is a great deal of infection for around 20 generations, so infection rates of club, party in Fukuoka-shi are particularly high, so push that we want you to wait for the time being about the point for various special vocational schools, various presidents particularly with thorough and that of the infection prevention and contact and are pushing forward strongly that they want to control about infection of various places young by all means.

 As we put together, and the staff is related for Department of General Affairs, it seems to be said that it wants to be thorough some other time and is thinking about infection about the staff once again some other time as correspondence thinks that there is place melting a little.

○Man and woman participation in planning, child chief of the bureau

 Infection of young generation increases, so is bracing ourselves for prevention of infection to children until now though infection such as nursery schools does not occur.

 As elementary school became hot in children who summer vacation begins in most municipalities from tomorrow, so use nursery school, kindergarten, clubs for after school activities for children, we add to heat stroke countermeasures and it follows and acts for the infection prevention.

 It is to act as wearing of mask which is the basic prevention, instruction, doorknob, table of thorough hand-washing, sterilization such as desks, such a thing for the infection prevention thoroughly in each place.

 And though there was report from chairperson at the yesterday's meeting though we have jurisdiction over child nursing home, it needs reservations and does meeting basically, and limit asks in short time at time of meeting, so actions that it seems to be said that it is thorough and acts for prevention of infection such as health checks are doing more thermometry.

○The industrial manager of Labor Relations Department

 We report two points.

 At first, though it is point of view called prevention of infection spread, it is with some new model corona countermeasures, subsidy in prefecture, or the first point makes such assistance measures, but when we publicize such a thing, it is with commercial and industrial group or tells commercial and industrial meeting of municipalities, but such a thing is doing news in addition as guidelines according to type of industry are made in addition at such time. In addition, guidelines according to the type of industry are well-known places to be thoroughly asked thing that they use vertical route of each group from country.

 In addition, it seems to be said that we would like thorough and is thinking about the observance of guidelines according to type of industry from us some other time through commercial and industrial group as there might be infection spread this time some other time.

 As the second point was influence on economic aspect, but we heard story various routinely from various companies, proprietor about the situation all the time, but one changed considerably after 4 consecutive holidays at the end of last week. As July began, and visitor came back considerably, but customers have done not wait at a stretch during 4 consecutive holidays. That come back to very hard conditions again; have to talk. For example, night customer does place where originally business is done by night only when we can hardly come over, so a reservation is made. For example, there is such time in the situation that shop to appear to another parttimer comes to among them. We are hearing some voices whether must think about closure a little among them.

 For example, it is with bar or bakes, and it seems to be said whether we cannot ask for cooperation that we support local shop, and or it is with bed or is drinking party in such a place or dinner party at restaurant, such a thing think that it does not have any problem particularly to use the shop now as it is unlike place appearing a lot so many of other prefectures in "support love activity situation" as there is Saga as "support love activity situation" after both visitor and we said such a thing in shop having you prevent infection spread along guidelines on industry when careful well as we support without restraining itself in anything uselessness too much in each bureau and are love as we think.

○Culture, sports interchange chief of the bureau

 It is with sterilization enforcement or, about cultural facilities, sports facility which we have jurisdiction over, works according to guidelines on each facility for the time being whether sterilization of place where people such as thorough ventilation touch is the number of people limit.

 Though it is notable thing, it may be said that we seem to say entrance standard for the time being with 300, 100 parking lots in hall and seemed to decide, but other facilities readily increase in number and do not come back, but the space Hall of Science considerably comes back to the space Hall of Science very much during just four consecutive holidays as there were many visitors, and the results that it seems to be said that we did entrance limit of car which does not enter parking lot during 4 consecutive holidays come out.

 And when there is many whether it is hall-related event, but it is almost thing, cancellation that this does not do in self-restraint, but, by event relations, does as approach to empty in front of and horizontal seat about event to do in hall, less than a half of the fixed number. We hear that there are quite many places that we are doing event using online called "LiveS Beyond" as substitute for such a thing now in prefecture, but change like that.

 In addition, we work by sightseeing relations, but work while making pictogram with each inn, and having it is with 3 dense countermeasures doing at oneself, or homepage post picture in various countermeasures, and appealing in somewhere working on such a thing.

○The Department of Regional Exchange head

 We talk about two points of reports about traffic relations.

 At first, about the situation to alert at Saga Airport, we carry out temperature measurement by thermography about passenger arrived in from May 12. So far person measured temperature 37.5 degrees or more does not come.

 In addition, about temperature measurement, we will prepare for conduct about starting passenger in future. It is the situation to push forward preparations for continuation conduct from during period of tray and September.

 It is number of domestic airline users of Saga Airport, but there is in increase tendency after the cancellation of emergency declaration although we are not possibly equal for the results in the previous year. Sequentially with feeling of strain to users want to alert.

 It is the second point. About the use of railroad and bus, according to the company, we hear that it is almost restored about use of commuter passes such as commuting, attending school. Therefore, for related company and group, we want to call for thorough guidelines that are set with each business style some other time from the prefecture.

○The Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs head

 At first, it is campground of the prefecture, but it seems to be said that Hadomisaki, Kitayama are coming back to the situation before corona and hears when we report a little regarding prefectural facility having jurisdiction over in house. It is that Hadomisaki in particular comes back to the crowdedness state approximately day after day on holiday when it was fine. It is to become reservation of August like the previous year.

 In addition, after all, ratio from outside the prefecture almost hears at seven, 80% as Fukuoka. As it is sectioned nyu rerutokorotokakichikkichitto by car in the site, we are doing is not crowded whether it is place of kitchen, alerting though it is in a state that 3 does not become dense that there is not and does necessarily at that point if in social distance.

 And we utilized donation when we waved what's called money of sustained support toward the CSO in the prefecture in us and made arrangements. Though we contribute in form called around 10 million yen matching gift at present toward the Mirai Saga creation foundation and have you support at the 100,000 yen upper limit of group via this in the prefecture, it is place to issue money of support toward 93 groups as the past results.

○Policy manager

 Besides, in department of policy, we are pushing forward approach of "support love" in cooperation with all parts currently in Saga as "support love activity situation" though there was from the industrial manager of Labor Relations Department some time ago. Though it is important let alone prevention of infection spread, it becomes important for turning society in parallel and, for example, is place working on being held, or even sightseeing side starting weekday accommodation campaign from next week of "support love" with producer Marchais.

 It is a custom to hold what's called "commendation ceremony of all the support love citizens of the prefecture" on August 9 again next week. We want to work by approach of "support love" in cooperation with public and private sectors while being careful about enough infection prevention.

○The Governer

 In Tokyo, report to be the situation of 463 was accomplished today. And it is 75 only in Fukuoka-shi in a day yesterday. When it thinks with population of Saga, it is scale that 40 seemed to appear a day that says 75 people in a day. Besides, we think as 75 people a day are the situation that house is searching for the 76th case now so that it is revealed how much there is Fukuoka-shi.

 Even if we do from our experience that we do from their experience though we are checking one affair from what one by one later carefully from course, and I do not think that we can chase thing which 40 appear, and 400 appeared a day one by one very much. We cannot but already do it for aspect when in such a situation and think that we cannot but half think whether it will be floored.

 So we confine one by one well at this time when we can cope one by one when, after all, there are few such numbers. We think that all are great, but that will lead to following the prefecture.

 After all, as for Saga, as for 28 cases, most depend on origin from young people's dance club system. Club having you close is founded, but open club is founded on Saturday on Friday today when they check nets in various ways. Young people, here bear all. On this Friday, we want you to refrain from such late-night use by all means on Saturday. Infection there comes over again from now on around ten days later. Saga is conditions to be connected to Fukuoka very much as in being repetition of that.

 Though it is snack cluster of Miyazaki, or show pub of Kagoshima is medical system of Nagasaki and seems to hold circumstances each in various ways when we see other prefectures of Kyushu, in Saga, infection at hospital which elderly person included is not founded as of now. As we think that it is the situation that it is thankful for very now that such a cluster is not taking place, we think that you must control here. As, at first, it is important at all that Saga is careful about place where all go to carefully when we went to Fukuoka, and there was report in a while ago, possibly several items which some are just investigating think that it will be important that who performed in such an other prefectures has you warn the infection prevention in a while ago because it may be Hiroshima, one where thing which is from other prefectures is though we found easy to talk to of Oita.

 We think that possibility that such a coronavirus is in city is restrictive in Saga if we say as of now. Saga really has hospital or hotel contain by immediate effect when it is corona infection. As it is just in the situation that we are at home or are investigating and do not know well, or such a thing can enter for reason that there is not immediately by all means to be founded in other metropolis and districts, we want to maintain this. It will be all by effort to take this toward zero in the current situation if possible without opening this as we have that meet while medical institution of Saga really has a hard time very much and have you just try all hard in "project M".

 But we cannot assume at all as risk always hides behind what happens after this. As the Saga prefecture is still restrictive as for being able to say as having said some time ago, place to be able to just assist assists and appeals for the weekday use if it is possible for inn, hotel, but just thinks that it will be that it is said with place comprising well in the worst case while doing such a thing well.

 Club, party in Fukuoka-shi, such place, particularly young would like here, today on Saturday on Friday again tomorrow though we told before though there will be thought in various ways when they want you to bear by all means here.

 Then as case considered to have had possibilities to have moved appears without, for example, being meeting in the prefecture, or mask being worn by waiting on customers, some other time such, though eating and drinking do not mind as may have go out, think that it is important to have be careful about action when took off mask which, once again, is at table. I would like action being aware of the infection prevention.

 I would like support of citizens of the prefecture so that Saga is current Saga.

 As all of municipalities wants to try end hard in team Saga, all Saga together, here is just important situation. Thank you in advance.




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