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We held the 34th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting

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We held the 34th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting (August 3)

 We held the 34th Saga new model coronavirus infectious disease task force meeting on Monday, August 3.
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Meeting materials

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Meeting contents


 Firstly we would like from i*tokatsukan about the outbreak situation of infected person in the prefecture.


 We report to the 28th case in the last time and become 48 cases when we see from July 20. Therefore it is the situation exceeding this number of 47 at present, and, as for the recent characteristic, 20s or less has already cut 40% though lower than 20s exceeded 80% until report in the last time, and it is in a situation that further various places exceed 60%.

 This shows in the infected person outbreak situation of Kyushu in the last time, but is latest one week. Though cluster can occur in bar, and high school cluster becomes outbreak by night town relations as ever when it is costume play shop and shop which it is written, but is accompanied by such a crowd and the area of Nagasaki, in this, person concerned with school goes in snack which occurred of cluster, and even the school side is example that has spread.

 Though number of Fukuoka or Okinawa is outstanding for number, Kumamoto considerably increases, too, and Miyazaki considerably increases, too. There is the least Oita and becomes in order of Saga, feeling called Nagasaki when we go from number.

 This is the outbreak situation after the 75th case after the latest cluster generating of Saga and is example that which restaurant with reception has-affiliated, three staff calls visitor in visitors of five others and accept inspection, and group A was found in comes, but the shop side was found in as close contact as eight in conjunction with that though beginning says with cluster in particular.

 Then various places that ate in restaurant which there is for the beginning come to this group B and are one, the 76th case, but acquaintance relations, relatively near various places are how many people or come triggered by the, but infection is spreading example between such various places.

 In addition, (there are how many people in people who do not belong to group or come) we are checking close contact relations so far, and there is part which you end inspection appropriately, but must continue still investigating, but occurs after the 75th case in such a form first of all.

 Though I really gave only summary on the night of yesterday when it is the most latest and arrives, it is, and three PCR-positive people are examples to have touched the various places, and to be to Saga in Fukuoka.

○The Governer

  About Saga being open now, we want to talk in a way called man-to-man defense of Saga, but there is example of simple substance like a while ago today. Though there were such a case, story that the last example ate with three positive of Fukuoka now, infection course is easy to arrive. For example, when this becomes accommodation or such a form together. This is positive person, but this further actually inspects close contact from positive person and is example which became positive. Actually, inspection that we do has various people each from here. This becomes negative. Therefore we work to confine here.

 As though this surrounds with square when is group pattern if visitor, this are employees, there is the various point of contact, and this does not know well who moved to where how, often infection course? It is what. We hear at public health center if one and are easy to trace infection course, but there is phenomenon that it is not revealed which it is how on infection course clearly though of course place hears this each.

 And we suppress here in such a form while hearing this as very difficult one inspects this in the case of close contact and us just to make sure if we will agree with each again. So we further hear such a containment and further hear group B and further hear group A and as it is said that we further hear, reports whether all of public health center are health nurses and we have place that does not have you readily answer answer and suppress. It is our staff, but thinks that we do our best really well on this occasion. In this, Pharmaceutical Sanitation Center is so, too. We think that it is man-to-man defense that can do such a thing.

 However, it is hard to all get one by one when these occur frequently. When it is not possible for this when positive person occurs as it is that there will further say again, we are already unable to manage zone defense such as so-called urban area. A lot of city infection is founded, and, for example, it is all closed and calls, or, in that area, it is in a situation that we do not finish chasing one by one though we already stop, or there are various measures such as shortening at time.

 Therefore we are pursuing Saga somehow now. However, restaurant with reception is related to both this quantity, group A over there and group B basically as it is in a situation that this man-to-man defense does not finish readily doing when cases that this is newer increase. Therefore cases which we performed in club of Fukuoka in the center toward around 20 generations in young generation were frequent according to the guidance when it already became the second, the second when we arranged once. When here was latest, and that said, we lied low considerably. Everybody in the twenties who had you cooperate in this, thank you very much. We want to thank having and you gradually think that you go as now that that cannot be true and have you close in Fukuoka and cope.

 Though we say with shop where it attends to restaurant, us with so-called reception about the side to be coming out now next, such a place is the situation that is just increasing rapidly.

 Furthermore, this man-to-man defense consists by cooperation of including here which became person of positive, group A, B and the restaurant concerned though we want to give thanks one more now. As we can guide confirmation, customer of close contact to have you talk with public health center and think that we can suppress the expanse, we want to offer my gratitude for various places of person of positive that had you cooperate some other time and various places of shop.

 By performing polymerase chain reaction test in breadth each at present, thought that each exit was the situation that was just stopped basically as expressed in such a thing some time ago, but that have increased rapidly though it was the back now as it was the situation that we were just trying hard in considerably last-minute situation, and story of each Kyushu prefecture appeared in a while ago to suppress whether it was with Miyazaki or was with Kumamoto, or it was with Kagoshima. We want to make an effort together to the maximum as of now to prevent it from being able to happen as it seems to be said that that was driven into the situation to be able to hardly enclose, and it is thought.

 By saying this, based on the situation of this step, case through the medium of shop attending to about infection example in the recent prefecture about restaurant with reception, so-called side is the situation increasing rapidly. About citizens of the prefecture, such a shop, person of shop wants to ask user for maximum caution each other, too.

 And we avoid everybodies of citizen of the prefecture, mask wearing, hand-washing, 3 dense o, and confirmation, please about thorough basic infection prevention again. In addition, infection case at place of meal is multi-ugozaimasu. We want to ask for case that cannot but take off mask including meal and action that was conscious of the infection prevention in particular when, after all, there is contact with various places of outside the prefecture. Thank you in advance.





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