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We held reporter lek about new coronavirus infectious disease (August 5)

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We held reporter lek about new coronavirus infectious disease (August 5)

 We held reporter lek about new coronavirus infection with *gakenken*fuku*bui*tokatsukan (note 1) Hiroshi Noda and Department of Health and Welfare health promotion section manager Masakazu Ida on Wednesday, August 5.
 (note 1) Specialist who unifies the medical government of the prefecture
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Reporter lek material


Reporter lek contents


 We arrive and confirm infection toward six cases today. After July 20, there is as 70 increase.

 At first, we want to give an explanation about thing which just described outline about three information yesterday.

 At first, it is the 105th case. Woman, Saga-shi in twenties. Main symptom is rhinostenosis, taste disorder, sense of smell disorder. This person has action career that we use club of Fukuoka-shi. Though we are hospitalized today, we are doing negative confirmation when we arrive at three families. We are further investigating.

 It is the 106th case. This person is friend of the 105th case. We inspect toward the acquaintance, but confirm negative. As it is street of materials, about symptom, we will omit.

 It is the 107th case. This person is man, Saga-shi in 50s. Point in time when symptom left at is on August 2, but, about polymerase chain reaction test of five acquaintance, two friends, co-worker one are negative, but there are two as positive, and this is the 112th case and 113th case that we will explain later.

 It is the 108th case next time. Man, Saga-shi in twenties. Symptom is street of materials. There is work location as Fukuoka. About action in the prefecture, there is as shopping degree during this period. We would carry out cohabitation, polymerase chain reaction test of family two people and were negative. Work friend is, but we tell toward Fukuoka and are asking for Surveys. In the prefecture, it is not in contact which must do Surveys which you must inspect so far.

 Then, it is the 109th case. Woman, Saga-shi in 30s. Though various symptoms are developed, it is there street of mention. We will inspect family and acquaintance, five people in total and confirm negative.

 Then it is the 110th case. This is with a history of action called business trip in Shizuoka. In addition, he/she goes to Kitakyushu-shi. Though eight relatives were, it was all the members-negative about polymerase chain reaction test.

 Then, it is the 111th case. This person had request from Fukuoka and inspected. Afterwards, it turned out that it was student of Agricultural Technical College of the prefecture. It is street of materials in action career.

 It seems to be said that Agricultural Technical College gives press release and, after this interview, hears.

 About the 112th case, it is woman, Saga-shi in 50s.

 Man, Saga-shi as for the 113th case in twenties. All are contacts of the 107th case that we talked about some time ago.

 Then the 114th case is man, Saga-shi in 30s. In this, we understand that the point of contact is in Fukuoka, but are no longer investigating.

 Then, about the 116th case, the 117th case, person of the 116th case is investigating detailed thing with two ways as man in 40s, Saga-shi, man as for the 117th case in 30s, Karatsu-shi.




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