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What should abuse do?

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What should abuse do?


 Neighboring people do not understand own doubt and worry

 As abuse is often hidden, possibly your doubt becomes very important. At first, let's raise action called consultation (report) to protect child without being troubled with one.


 We are wondering it cannot be also known as abuse, and what I should do ...

 Even if it is not abuse, parent and child feeling hard as for the consultation from you should be a chance to meet "good assistor".

 Which "there are worrisome parent and child", please say, "we want you to help" in Specialized Agencies.


 Are you not known to thing, the neighborhood and the person whom I called?

 We never leak information that person whom we talked with is identified.

 Secret is kept by all means.


 Does it not become "secret disclosure punishment" or "confidentiality violation?"

 Because of the profession, doctor or public employee have a duty to keep personal secret that we were able to know.

 However, report (called notice by law) duty of child abuse is shown that it is had priority over confidentiality by law (Child Abuse Prevention Law Article 6 Paragraph 3). It has top priority to protect child and may not be accused of violation.


 How do you distinguish abuse from discipline?

(1) In position of child judgment

 With "discipline", we respect feeling and body of child and should be done for the healthy growth development. No matter how much there is parent with intention of "discipline that came from love", it is "abuse" if it is act to injure body and mind of child.

 It is important we stand all near child, and to judge "is it abuse?".

(2) We are not bound by fixed idea

 Common sense of "person doing something like that does not think to be" public whom "biological parent cannot do something like that" and own fixed idea may not come under all the time.

 It is what we judge what kind of influence appears to child important one does not get snagged on common sense and fixed opinion, and what happens to child.


 We take as "abuse" and are not confident whether it is good

 It is not necessary to prove child abuse. When we notify, it is enough only by abuse reporting doubted reason (the situation).

 Called "if is wrong ..." people feeling guilty conscience in anxiety and doubting may be, but but serious result may occur if is true. As it is not blamed that we doubted abuse, and it has you identify reporter, I will inform Specialized Agencies.


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