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  • Specialized Agencies and municipalities such as central child consultation center, Public Health and Welfare Office start with collecting every possible information in cooperation with each organization concerned.


  • We judge the situation of parent and child and make team with the staff of engine concerned and begin support.


  • If danger is big, we hospitalize child and perform temporary protection in child consultation center.

In addition, even if agreement of person in parental authority is not provided, we protect at one time and may let child enter facility by approval of family court.


  • It is that child fixes environment that can feel relieved that is the most important as care for child. We isolate assailant and child if it is necessary and assemble the next life, for example, to protect child in facilities and, after that, will provide appropriate psychological care and mental treatment to child.


  • Facility entrance "begins" not "termination" of response to abuse; desu. Afterwards, we continue supporting parent and child while each organization concerned takes each role.


[please do not blame parent]

  • Parent abusing thinks that it is terrible parent, but oneself abusing child pro-is hurt likewise.
  • We suffer by economic distress and child care, domestic problem alone, and trouble, case and oneself which local, stand alone pro-are abused in the days of child by own parent and may suffer.
  • It is not solved only by blaming parent.
  • Parent abusing child calls for help.
  • For the bright future of parent and child, help of everybody is necessary.


[support to protector]

  • We observe state of child, the situation of protector well and grasp and see in the long term and help as being able to improve parent-child relationship.
  • To protector abusing, dependence stands alone in strong person and community, and the protector including person suffering from person who cannot have personal relationships smoothly, disease including neurosis deepens understanding to protector while a lot of ill-treated people from protector do cooperation with Public Health and Welfare Office, Center for Mental Health and Welfare and medical institution, member of mother and the child independence support, public welfare, children's committee thickly led by child consultation center in the infancy and helps what we collaborate, and child care does patiently.


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