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We held Saga ICT rikatsuyokyoiku*susumikyogikai in the third in 2012

The last update date:

 ●The date and time: Monday, February 18, 2013 from 10:00 to 12:00

 ●Place: Saga prefectural government office new administration ridge extraordinary meeting room A

 ●Meeting constitution committee member (25)

   ・The The Prefectural Board of Education superintendent of education


   ・The The Prefectural Board of Education vice-superintendent of education

   ・The Prefectural Board of Education education computerization promotion general manager

   ・The prefecture municipalities Board of Education superintendent of education (20 prefecture)

   ・Representative of cooperation company


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1 kawa﨑kyoikuchoaisatsu

  We have this meeting gather in each municipality Board of Education at very busy time and are very grateful.kawa﨑kyoikucho greetings

   As you know, in today's School education, we bring up power to live that Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology shows in society economic environment that globalization and computerization progress rapidly, and school refusal and bullying countermeasures, enhancement of special support education are also more and more important now, and there is problem that you should cope with including improvement of ability for necessary information utilization commencing with improvement in scholastic ability.

   There is from proof studies of example and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of countries doing advanced approach while we consider how we should push forward Saga education in future based on such a problem when we turn to contemporary problem solution when we get conclusion that ICT rikatsuyokyoiku is one of the most effective means.

   Therefore we placed as "susumi" of Saga comprehensive plan 2011 emphasis item and decided to work on advanced ICT rikatsuyokyoiku*susumijigyo ahead of the whole country from 2011.

   By the way, cooperation of the prefecture and municipalities is essential, and the prefecture and all municipalities think that it is important cause of constant policy, to push forward premeditatedly on promoting this business.

   We take such recognition and arrange this meeting, and, moreover, there is communalization of information until now when we inspect the advanced ground to get understanding and assent of chief and assembly.

   When we looked at the current situation facilities of ICT apparatus in municipalities, we consider that securing of resources becomes big problem.

   We seem to take appropriate measure for grant tax, but, about resources of education computerization, it is thought that property to secure appeal characteristics and certain conduct may be weak by explanation of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology with it is resources by grant tax.

   We think that it is necessary to specialize resources by share of tax revenues systems to practice computerization of education premeditatedly and surely because we did so.

   Therefore we are performing pressure without several degrees positively to found new resources assistance measures for ICT rikatsuyokyoiku*susumi toward steady conduct of "computerization vision of education" published in April, 2011 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and to work as national project for country.

   In the next fiscal year, we finally think that it may be crucial moment, but it is indomitable resolve and, for The Prefectural Board of Education, will work positively sequentially on a regular basis.

   We pray for being pushed forward surely premeditatedly, and, by cooperation cooperation of the prefecture and municipalities, this advanced ICT rikatsuyokyoiku*susumijigyo does with my greetings along process.


2 new member introductions

  Kamimine-cho Board of Education superintendent of education Toshiyuki Yadomaru

  Tara-cho Board of Education superintendent of education Masaharu Matsuo


3 proceedings

(1) About the approach situation of the prefecture (General Manager Fukuda)  Cf. material 1

  For The Prefectural Board of Education, is it result of past proof study about computerization of education?

 We have prospect toward ra, improvement of quality of education, improvement in scholastic ability of child student.

    The scholastic ability here is power surviving the 21st century vigorously, in such a meaning

 When we caught scholastic ability, we think that ICT rikatsuyokyoiku is effective enough.

    We undertake an enterprise in November, 2010 and are selected expansion of business outline carefully about prefectural high school until now

 We performed this. Have do active approach in total in the municipalities, prefectural all

 Promotion in this is planned. From 2013 result as "Saga-style" in the whole country

 We want to send.

    This business is positioning, construction, person of the business promotion system in "susumi" of comprehensive plan 2011 emphasis item

 With materials upbringing, discussion, cooperation with enhancement (system and apparatus maintenance), municipalities of proof study and country

 We work on doing cooperation of this thickly and are able to go ahead along progress schedule for 4 years

 There is in this.

    Meanwhile, is the situation of apparatus maintenance of prefectural school, but this year about electronic board

 This repeated discussion and introduced TV type of 70 inches into all prefectural high schools. In terminal for learner just

 It is comprehensive about teha, management of usability and teacher of student, price side, aspect of the learning teaching materials

 As for the things that we were not able to investigate thoroughly that examined this, but the release of Windows8PC is late, and are enough

 While there being, and comparing Windows8PC with iPad sequentially, and inspecting, of 2013 is as soon as possible

 We decide to choose apparatus for stage. The purchase of the future, electronic board and terminal for learner

 When it is thought, we think that you can examine joint procurement with the prefecture.

    House which thinks that there is original education information system in each municipality, but is usable in the prefecture even in class

 As system which is usable even as for garden learning is to by function of three of school affairs management, learning management, the teaching materials management

 We build system which we put together and operate from April.

    In addition, about network "Saga education cloud" linking municipalities to prefecture, it is participated municipalities

 We consider the rearranging and budget for function sides in easy form and build.

    Width of class when way of class turned into about effect of electronic board from teachers

 But, we have indication and evaluation that spread.

    About terminal for learner, according to child student, is independent not passiveness; in class

 We have evaluation to be effective at point that can participate.

    About special support education, there are special support classes in the municipalities, but child student individual

 Because it is usable depending on a person's characteristic, effect is very high in ICT apparatus.

    Profit will utilize system and terminal, electronic board for learner in future when this system is completed

 Support return to school preventing delay of class through ta remote classes, is special

 We receive education that anyone has a high quality anywhere anytime to be able to be useful for improvement of support education

 Thing is enabled.

    About new education information system (SEI-Net), will operate from April, but in April,

 In June, we extend function sequentially with September. A part of the function these about municipalities or

 We discuss to be able to use all.




  ・About ICT rikatsuyokyoiku, we have stance that we push forward strongly in Ogi-shi.

  ・There are constant grant tax measures, but in municipalities more find easy to talk to, but is gi in city alone

      One with the local government which explains to meeting and chief bureau, and builds core computer system in city alone

   Story that we can reduce if we get on system of the prefecture in comes out later.

  ・Like Ogi-shi, it is system with whether it is thing which may push forward maintenance in single Germany

   We use when you will open the specifications to the public early if you connect with this

   kadokano judgment is not possible.

 ○General Manager Fukuda

  ・For us, we explained to the person in charge before bid. Do you actually use this system?

   When we are assigned to this, it becomes judgment of municipalities. But we are alone by the same system from elementary school to high school

   We think that what can watch growth of student of this is ideal. It is same in the future

   We intend to do it in this and want to build.

  ・As what is planned in Ogi-shi thinks that may be school affairs support, only in LMS and LCMS

   But we would appreciate your considering tying.

 ○Morimoto CIO

  ・For design that this costs seeing from point of view to make system individually

   We have problem that we need considerable ability. As we will consider making originally now

   If there is, we think that merit of system of the prefecture is big.

  ・Cooperation is advancing now in information bureau of the prefecture and municipalities. We stand in group called ICT promotion system

   There are the results of dozens of percent of cost cuts by advance, the joint use of system, too. So

   When we talk with information bureau which said, how about?


(2) About the approach situation of municipalities


  ・Launch Miyaki-cho ICT rikatsuyo*susumikyogikai from 2011, with meeting pertaining to maintenance

   We push forward workshop pertaining to the instruction method.

  ・From 2011 through 2012, we maintained electronic board and wireless LAN and are for learner

   We maintain terminal each 40 - 80 schools. Digital textbook for painting and calligraphic work camera and leader for teacher is positive pole, too

   We introduce into mark. Member of ICT support wants to employ one person in each precinct in future.

 ○General Manager Fukuda

  ・Example ganaka where intention that country pushes forward positively moves at the metropolis and districts level although there is

   tta. As Saga moves, is requesting industry for backup.

  ・For example, on updating Windows XP terminal reaching the update period, is academy until now

   Correspondence with license academic about part which was not targeted for dark sense

   There is story to be possible and is cheap in system of the prefecture from NTT learning system

   Story putting the teaching materials in is given.

  ・We want you to give information what is necessary in municipalities.


(3) About the approach situation of proof district, proof school

 A) fill-in

  ○Approach briefing (education computerization promotion room chief) of proof school in prefecture

   ・They teach profit about inflecting publicly other than normal class, and operation experience meetings are wide

    We utilize profit and give information.

   ・About electronic board, evaluation of usefulness is very high. The digital teaching materials for leader

    This and one's own teaching materials are used. It is effective in attracting eyes of student.

   ・About terminal, we use the investigation learning, digital textbook, teaching materials for learner

    Delivery, collection of the teaching materials by support software and collaboration learning are carried out in ruhoka, class

    ru. It is effective in fixation of deepening and learning of understanding for eyes of student toward the inside.


 (i) Report from proof district


   ・We participate in proof study of the prefecture from 2011 and utilize electronic board.

   ・Result for student "is plain" "image is easy to be heated" "is visual

    It comes to be able to be understood in this; is cited.

   ・"We raise interest interest" for teacher "point rearranging of class", "it is language of student

    In activity, talks utilization. From the problem presentation type to thought-shaped class from the teacher center

    Child seems to have changed to class that changed.

   ・Utilization time is largely prolonged in comparison with last year.


   ・We push forward approach using electronic board as proof study district of the prefecture from 2011

    ru. All subjects, daily profits in domains aim for inflecting this year,

    It inflects in various scenes.

   ・Because the campus training was satisfying, ICT ability of teacher largely improved, too.

   ・In addition, as for scholastic ability as for the result of learning situation Surveys around the field of skill, expression

    It improves and thinks that there was result.

   ・When, about school affairs support, guidance record, attendance record supports by package software

    It is about time when.


(4) Discussion


   ・About school affairs support system, we leave introduction to judgment of municipalities Board of Education

    When taga, the staff of a school are based on there being every prefecture-like transfer, you should put together

    We think of nodehato. Is judgment of municipalities Board of Education all really right?

  ○General Manager Fukuda

   ・Prefectural system will be 4-5 years not thing that all finishes in the next fiscal year from now on

    We think that we run and mature. If municipalities enter, too, and can do it in total; is etsu in that

    We have not done, but think that it is judgment of municipalities at the present when system is not complete

    teiru. But we think that you can introduce even LMS and LCMS by all means.


   ・After 2013, we are doing plan when Saga-shi pushes forward maintenance. In addition, it is 2013

    This introduces electronic board into classroom from elementary school four years to six years, and write in 2015 from 2014

    Grade of the te remainder plans introduction, too. About terminal, it is school in future

    We want to consider on seeing result of promotion business.

   ・As school affairs support system is in a state that it is each school-cho town now, be confused by transfer

    There is this, too and wants to unify. At first, set model school in 2013, the prefecture

    We want to consider connecting to system of this.

   ・Member of ICT support plans placement of around one people in five schools.

  ○General Manager Fukuda

   ・When it is hard to explain school affairs support system only by burden on teacher decrease generally

    Think. It is necessary to guarantee improvement in results. To that end, it is introduced LCMS and LMS

    But, we thought that it was necessary.


   ・As you were free, about matter of drill of Tokyo Shoseki, reduce budget once in 2012

    Need. dea where 2013 needs contract once because it considerably has difficulty in revival of lost budget

    I would like negotiations on reba amount of money side.


   ・It is difficult to be able to enter at a time practically. Anticipate that the present electronic board is usable how many years

    Do you need? We put off introduction time well and think that we level necessary budget and can take a step


  ○General Manager Fukuda

   ・Electronic board works with PC. With prospect having one five years during maintenance period of PC

    There is. In the case of electronic board of LCD television type, we think that it is usable a little for a longer time, but are professional

    When it is jiekutataipu, exchange of lamp is necessary in early timing.


   ・There is terminal for learner from 2014 with protector burden, but is protector in duty system equally

    Are there burden and example that we did?

  ○General Manager Fukuda

   ・High school enters for own intention. Necessary things such as uniforms are basically all charged. Terminal

    We thought that reason was not made with dakega exception.

   ・But compulsory education requests country to follow as free such as textbooks is general rules

    Need. It is decided that city bears during demonstration in Osaka-shi, but about after that

    This does not touch. Situation dea which companies provide during demonstration in the case of Korea

    Take tayodaga, presupposition, "terminal has all families" now, and by oneself

    We hear that it is thought in direction of burden.


(5) Others

  ○From the secretariat

  ・In the prefecture, we plan the purchase of around 600 electronic boards by original budget of 2013.

   When specifications are similar and wish to procure combination with the prefecture about municipalities, have me entrust

   We can perform desk work pertaining to procurement in reba prefecture.

  ・About learning print delivery system, it is ream if there are any the local governments which you wish to use sequentially

      We want to have garami.


Reference: Material With new window(2,646KB, PDF file) on that day 

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