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Promotion of work-life balance

We review way of working, and let's aim at society to get of balance of work (work) and life (life)!
 In this site, we tell about information for approach for shortening of working hours and work-life balance (harmony of work and life) promotion including support system for business owner, worker widely.

Background that needs approach of work-life balance (WLB)

 The whole society and individual companies, organizations might not be sustainable, and, in our country, as for the promotion of work-life balance, it is extremely important problem as well as individual as past way of working in low birthrate and aging, population decline, big change of the times including globalization.
 When we look at Saga nationwide, and it is revealed that working hour of worker is long and sees annual total actual hours worked of worker one average, it exceeds (2016) for 1,879 hours and whole country an average of 1,783 hours for 96 hours, and "the acquisition rate of annual vacation" that is one of the factors changes with around 45%, and it is in a situation that we fall much below 70% who are the government aim until 2020.
  Approach for realization of work-life balance (harmony of work and life) raises possibility of security, upbringing, fixation of able human resources who are the source of vitality and competitiveness of company in the era of depopulation and advantage of the approach is big and can connect securing of human resources with improvement in productivity by reviews of duties that took advantage of this in the difficult company.

Approach of work-life balance (WLB) of Saga

 In Saga, we dispatch work-life balance adviser in company about approaches such as the acquisition promotion of annual vacation for shortening directly in working hours and perform direct pressure to the class of management of company and promote the need and practice of significance and consciousness reform of approach, and harmony (work-life balance) of job and life aims at realization of labor circumstances to be produced.
 In addition, we pressure to work on by collecting good examples such as work-life balance that medium and small-sized business in Saga is available for approach, and publicizing good example through office visit and seminar holding so that office can work on improvement of labor circumstances concretely.

Article about promotion of work-life balance

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