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 We carry out citizens of Saga opinion submission procedure (public comment procedure) system to publish drafts such as plans in Saga in the policy formation process, and to have you submit opinion or information from citizens of the prefecture, and to plan security of fairness in the process and improvement of transparency, and to push forward understanding and participation for prefectural government.

 Public announcement material can read at "citizen of the prefecture general consultation, reporting window" (administrative window) on prefectural office the first floor of the new building and each general government building and abanse, "prefectural government information reading corner" of The Prefectural Library other than homepage.

 Organization (called "conduct organization".) carrying out this procedure is the Governer, Board of Education, board of elections, National Personnel Commission, checkup committee, Public Safety Commission, Chief Constable, local labor relations committee, expropriation committee, sea region fishery Coordination Committee and inner surface of the water fishing ground executive committee.

 Objects of this procedure are as follows.

  1. Plan about basic measure of the prefecture, development such as guidelines or important revision
  2. Or establish basic policy about prefectural government or establishment of by-law containing obligate citizen of the prefecture or limiting right is material; revised (thing about the levy collection of local taxes and the collection of ante, the fee for use and fee is excluded.)
  3. Development of basic plan pertaining to construction of large-scale facility provided widely by public use of citizen of the prefecture or important revision
  4. Other conduct organization admits that they are particularly necessary

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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