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Introduction of opinion


About introduction corner of opinion

"Introduction of opinion" corner is corner introducing opinion sent to opinions to prefectural government so far, consultation, question.




 It is intended that we share information with citizens of the prefecture it is approached, and how what kind of opinion, consultation, question are thinking about the prefecture for the opinions about prefectural government.



Range of opinion introducing

 From opinions that had "opinion to prefectural government" approach, we publish except personal information and corporation information of thing, the name that public announcement is not appropriate, address, e-mail address pursuant to the provision of Saga access to information law or Saga ordinance of privacy protection.
 In addition, please note that you will not publish simple inquiries.
 In addition, we may publish masterpiece when a lot of opinions of the same purpose are put.

Citizen of the prefecture life, environment

(disaster prevention, crime prevention, Kenmin Kyodo, NPO, consumer life, Traffic safety, child, child care, Gender equality, human rights, globalization, environment, Ariake Sea reproduction)

The healthy welfare

(the welfare, health, medical care, health)

Agriculture and forestry fisheries, industry

(agriculture and forestry business, fishery, commerce and industry, promotion, company, invitation of enterprises, employment measures of sightseeing)

Land development, traffic

(road, river, park, the sewer, harbor, fishing port, airport, maintenance, maintenance of farmland base)

Education, culture, sports

(School education, lifelong learning, social education, culture, cultural assets, sports)

The public, others administrative

(local construction, finance, tax practice, computerization, public information)

Classification menu

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi
Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
Copyright© 2016 Saga Prefecture.All Rights Reserved.