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 About rental of Human rights awareness video, DVD, panel for the training

 We loan video and DVD, panel for Human rights awareness for the prefecture company and school, various groups to have you deepen understanding and recognition about the issue of various human rights in "Human rights awareness center saga". In the case of human rights learning and the training (nonprofit thing is best), please use.

DVD rental needs reservations, and period is less than two weeks to five principles about one rental. In addition, we limit object of rental toward which can come and *so route to take directly in the prefecture residence or prefecture worked at office.

As for the panel rental, delivery is principle directly. Please consult about the number of sheets and period of panel individually.

1. Reservation
You confirm the space situation, and, after inquiry, please make a reservation. "The belonging name", "number of video, DVD, panel" tell about "desired lease" (receiving day, return day) "full name" on this occasion "contact information".

2. Rental, return
Come to "Human rights awareness center saga" (the prefectural office old building the first floor Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Division). Or please use *soben.


Time in of reservation, rental, return is from 9:00 of from Monday to Friday (except holiday, New Year holidays) to 17:00.


Contact information 

Human rights awareness center saga (Saga Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Division) 

TEL: 0952-25-7229 FAX: 0952-25-7332

E-mail: [email protected]


 ※We are doing introductions (external link) such as video or YouTube of outside group by "introduction of the training enlightenment material" of item as follows.

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi
Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
Copyright© 2016 Saga Prefecture.All Rights Reserved.