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Agricultural administration

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08 agricultural administration
We are hard on research and development of plan planning of production of agricultural and livestock products promotion countermeasures, the spread instruction, production engineering of farming technique and new kind.

 [main assignment] Central government office/Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Agricultural Policy and Planning Division, Producers Assistance Division, Agricultural Production Division, Horticulture Division)

 Regional Agency/agriculture and forestry office, Agricultural Research Center




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 Question 1

  ✓Thing about shunoshien

  ✓Thing about farming support

  It is the current situation that unfortunately trend toward decreases has the number of the scholars of agriculture of Saga by aging.

  On the other hand, it is fact that agriculture worker that there is will, "we come from outside the prefecture, and which "agriculture wants to do it in hometown" wants to challenge new thing" exists around 130 every year.

  I advise by the necessary preparation for such an agriculture worker as management charge before we begin agriculture, and shunogo supports farmhouse on farming technique and management side.

  For example, plan that farmers plant with the crops that how is how in medium-and-long term time of 5 years and want to give all these profit to by when

 We work as maid to put up.

  As management is not managed when stable production is not possible, we work together with the staff in charge of technique and support.

  We feel that it is "a person's upbringing" to know all by work of the spread.

 Question 2
  If as I was just assigned to the spread center, have not looked at farmers who stood on their own feet yet, but can attend at such an opportunity; surely

 We will feel in worth doing.

  In addition, we may send farm products of Saga to relative of Tokyo.

  We feel that we want to heap up agriculture of Saga more with being glad as person concerned with agriculture when said, "Saga product is of high quality!" from relative.
















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