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Building, design department << to be authorized architect, construction management, carpenter craftsman to employment >>

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Building, design department


We learn architecture from the beginning and can make use on the site! To building engineer with knowledge, technique, social human power

  "15 2-year capacity"
 [the second grade authorized architect] Shortening (in the case of high-school graduate, we shorten work experience seven years for two years) of the work experience number of years for registration
 [2 kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigishi] Shortening of the work experience number of years for practical test examination

◇Features of subject


◇Training environment

◇Qualification that we can acquire

◇Main workplace

◇Message from academy student


Features of subject

 We learn technique to reach construction from process to design building in building, design department, and to design widely and bring up practical building engineer.

 During attendance at school, we aim at pass of 2 necessary kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigikentei (subject) in doing work of construction management.

 In addition, eligibility requirements for an examination of the second grade authorized architect are provided with completion.


Freehand drawing drafting
<< we recognize the basics of architecture from freehand drawing >>
 By drafting training by freehand drawing, we wear the basics of drawing making well.
CAD drafting
<< we acquire technique as adaptable fighting potential >>
We learn building CAD technology using general-purpose exclusive software with high needs to cope with business of the building industry.
Design, plan, suggestion
<< plan, design can suggest >>

We wear necessary plan, design, suggestion in doing work of building and aim at human resources who had customer vs. stress.

True experience
<< we relate technique to theory by true experience >>

We build building based on internship and design, plan and plan theory and technical technical fusion.




1 annual [we know building and learn]

 We learn basic knowledge of overall building. We plan skill up of not only drafting of freehand drawing but also CAD drafting in training. About wood processing, we learn the handling of tool, processing method and learn technique to be required in carpentry. In addition, we seemed to challenge and can look at the real spot with own eyes through internship in the field.


Building CAD training Work training Surveying training


We learn basic building knowledge, drafting, wood processing.


Practical skill

Basic knowledge of building

* Building production outline

* Construction plan outline

* Building structure outline

* Structural mechanics outline

* The law concerned

Knowledge of wood processing

Real estate-related knowledge

Knowledge of surveying

Basics of building drafting

* Wooden building design training

Building CAD drafting

* Jw-cad

* akitorendo


Basics of wood processing

Surveying training

Reinforcing rod assembling, concrete compounding training



2 annual [we experience construction and think and suggest]

 We learn technical knowledge and aim at pass of 2 kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigikentei (subject). We learn draughtsmanship of various structure in drafting training and process wood which is actually used based on drawing which oneself described on the site in simulated house construction training and assemble. We make plan, design, suggestion by completion design as internship and the collected studies which fixed their eyes on employment of 2 years.

Steel-frame building architecture design training Simulated house construction training Completion design


Fruit experiences construction and learns applied knowledge, technique that developed basics.


Practical skill

Technical knowledge of building

* Building design

* Building application method

* Construction plan

* Building structure

* Structural mechanics

* Building facilities

Knowledge of construction management technology

Application of building drafting

* Steel-frame building architecture design training

* RC zodate**keijitsushu


Design, presentation technology

* Wooden house design competition training

Simulated house construction training

Completion design



Training environment

 For practical leader upbringing, we are fully equipped with facility, facilities such as CAD software, drafter, wood processing machine used by business.


 ・Building CAD system (akitorendo, Jw_cad)

 ・Building drafting machine (drafter)

 ・Copier (plotter)

 ・Light wave surveying machine
 ・One automatic planer

 ・Two automatic planer


Qualification that we can acquire

Qualification that we can acquire during attendance at school

 ・2 kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigishi (subject)

 ・The building CAD official approval second grade
 ・The building carpenter certified technician second grade, the third grade (carpenter construction)

 ・Residential land building transactions person
 ・Assistant surveyor

 ・Interior coordinator

 ・The welfare living environment coordinator

 ・We hang ball and prove skill class completion

 ・Identification of forklift driver's license class completion

 ・Assistant certified technician


Qualification that we can acquire after training

 ・The second grade authorized architect (examination passes and licenses by work experience and registers)

 ・2 kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigishi (examination of practical examination needs work experience)


Main workplace

 Around the Saga prefecture, we find a job as design job, construction management, tech job (carpenter).

 It is 100% of rate of employment to affiliates as 8 consecutive years, regular staff.

 ・Stone bridge architecture office

 ・Mihara architecture drawing office

 ・Plains building drawing office

 ・Matuo Construction

 ・Nakajima Komuten

 ・Torikai construction

 ・Fukuda Kensetsu

 ・House studio something extra

 ・Sasakawa mechanic-based (stock)

 ・Place home

 ・The morning sun I & R group

 ・ASAHI KASEI housing construction  nado



Message from academy student

Academy student

 Happily satisfying academy life to learn from zero with classmate

  Building, design department seventh graduate Ai Shimauchi


 The beginning of entering did not know building at all and uneasy thing was dull by beginning to learn and did from zero. By being taught by the basics from teacher and outsider lecturer, was able to learn exclusive knowledge and technique. We were able to acquire qualifications such as subjects of 2 kyuhodokoshikokanrigishi during attendance at school. Among spirited classmates, we spend academy life happily. When we thought about employment, it was design or carpenter or was not able to decide immediately, but was able to decide course through internship and training. We look forward to being able to work as carpenter from April. In addition, we are going to try as we can take an entrance examination for the second grade authorized architect after the completion immediately.


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