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Car worker subject (we find employment at automotive internist, mechanic engineer dealer)

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Car worker subject





To automotive internist who can cope who can be satisfied with human resources, customer who can do check maintenance and basic trouble diagnosis.

"15 2-year capacity"

The national second class automotive internist (gasoline, diesel) eligibility requirements for an examination

Practical examination exemption

◇Characteristic of subject


◇Training environment

◇Qualification that we can acquire

◇Main workplace

◇Message from academy student



Characteristic of subject

In car worker subject, we work on necessary qualification, knowledge and the technical acquisition for the purpose of employment to auto sales company and car maintenance factory in Saga mainly.

We raise knowledge and technique as engineer by curriculum to be able to learn from the basics progressively and bring up to level that there are car inspection maintenance, check maintenance and basic trouble diagnosis alone at the time of completion.

If even native place, woman (there are the entering results) and inexperienced person except industrial system are motivated 60% or more, person of entering is all right!


Training scenery 1
≪We understand foundations of car well≫
A small number of people system of 15 one class.
We make a lot of occasion touching car and learn technique, knowledge that is necessary for Engineer car from the basics widely well.
Training scenery 2
≪We acquire technique as adaptable fighting potential≫
We reflect technique sought in car maintenance factory in curriculum,
We learn practical professional technique from experienced instructor.
Training scenery 3
We can cope with computer diagnosis
Hold much training cars, gasoline-powered car, diesel car, hybrid car, electric car,
We learn state-of-the-art such as computer diagnoses.


Training scenery 4
We improve customer necessary for engineer vs. stress
Understand engineer image sought by society, let alone technique
We aim at automotive internist who acquired customer vs. stress.





1 annual [technical level of the third grade automotive internist]

In subject, we understand structure and structure of basic car and, in training, learn knowledge and technique necessary for automotive internist from name and the direction for uses of tool progressively. We deepen understanding about structure and structure of each auto parts and learn power of the third grade national automotive internist level.

One year image One year image 2 One year image 3

We understand basic structure, operation of car well



 Structure of car and performance

* Engine structure

* Chassis structure

* Electrical component structure

* Electric electronic theory

* Apparatus handling car materials

* Drafting

* Fuel and lubricant

* The dynamics, mathematics of car

* Safe hygiene

* Laws and ordinances concerned

 Technique about car maintenance

* Engine basics maintenance training

 ・Engine resolution assembling

* Chassis basics maintenance training

 ・Transmission resolution assembling

 ・Wheel alignment

* The electric equipment basics maintenance training

 ・Electrical component experimental device

 ・Starting equipment, charge device

* Basic training (basic processing training)




2 annual [technical level of the second grade automotive internist]

In subject about car maintenance


Two years image 1 Two years image 2 Two years image 3

We acquire practical and high maintenance technology



 Knowledge about car maintenance

* Engine maintenance

* Chassis maintenance

 ・Driving performance

 ・Four-wheeled alignment

 ・Air-conditioner for car

 ・HV, EV car structure

 ・Preservation standard, inspection

 ・Trouble cause research

Technique about car maintenance

* Engine training

 ・Electronic control engine

 ・Jet pumps

* Chassis training

 ・Electronic control automatic T/M

 ・The body maintenance (the sheet metal painting)

* Electric equipment training

 ・Air-conditioner training for car

* Legal check (car inspection), trouble diagnosis

* Multi-frequency training (work to perform after employment well)





Training environment

We focus on practice training and are fully equipped with car dealer, training facility, facilities just like car inspection service factory.


Training facilities
・Hybrid car (HV)
・Electric car (EV)
・Clean diesel car
・Engine for training
・Trouble point diagnosis machine
・Four-wheeled araimentotesuta
・Exhaust gas measuring instrument

Qualification that we can acquire


Qualification that we can acquire during attendance at school

・Identification of autogenous welding skill class completion

・Identification of arc welding special education completion

・Identification of low-pressure electric handling special education completion

・Identification of tire air pressure filling duties special education completion

・Assistant certified technician



Qualification that we can acquire after the completion

We pass 100% more for 6 consecutive years!

・The second grade gasoline automotive internist

・The second grade diesel automotive internist


Main workplace

We are almost in employment as the second grade mechanic to the prefecture dealer (store).


・Sales company of Toyota origin

 West Kyushu Toyota Motor Corporation Saga Toyopet, Toyota Corolla Saga, Nets Toyota Saga

・Sales company affiliated with Honda

 Honda Cars Saga, Honda Cars Middle Saga

・Sales company affiliated with Nissan

 Nissan satio Saga, Saga Nissan Motor

・Other makers system

 Sea bass jihan*ga, Saga Mazda, Daihatsu, Saga, West Kyushu Subaru

・Large car sales company 


・Outside the prefecture  

 Saga Toyopet, Subaru, Fukuoka, Honda Cars Fukuoka red baron (two sale maintenance)


Message from academy student

If there is motivation, we do not need experience!
Car worker subject 23rd graduate Toru Tajima

 I entered a school in car worker subject for reason that car liked. Knowledge of car was beginning from zero, but had you sometimes teach from teacher of instructor strictly clearly happily.
 In addition, we could meet friend who worked together in competition and were able to spend very satisfying days. Not only, in academy life, we put on knowledge, technology of car in the body, but also can learn relation with people, action and way of thinking as member of society well, too. For two years in Industrial Technology Training School, it is up to motivation!
 "Car" But, we like, and person hesitating about employment, please challenge this car worker subject.


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