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Message from company adoption person in charge

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I want such human resources! Message from company adoption charge state


Building, design department 






Hiwatari construction

[adoption charge] Tomohisa Nishiyama

Office of we Hiwatari construction works in atmosphere that a lot of spirited staff is fun well.

The building industry is work to impress than you are satisfied with dream of customer as form. The staff becomes one every day and does our best. It is very worthwhile work.

As human resources whom we seek, at first, is smile! Greetings! With spirit. Which there is the spirit of self-advancement, and thinks by oneself, and can act.

If there is experienced person, we treat well, but of course we tell inexperienced person which even person can try hard hard from beginning and educate.

Do you not do your best together?




Machine technology department



Pine wood ironworks

[adoption charge] Executive director Masanori Matsubayashi

Current society has a lot of working machine, helpful machines. Our company is company producing parts of such a machine.


It is first that human resources whom we which are parts manufacturing industry seek are "people liking manufacturing".

Furthermore, shape of product is complicated, and, by real work, there are a lot of things having difficult work. We work on such a product,

"Person who does not give up" who can build up demands "person who can work patiently".




Electric system department



[adoption charge] General Administration Division Enoshima new state

We have self-confidence as long-established store of electric construction by achievements and experience of 60 rest of life since its formation.


For human resources wanting you to enter the company,

  1. Person who can say hello → People who can do it not person who can do it too much commonly.
  2. Person who can study → Person who can challenge qualifying examination with the spirit of self-advancement even after beginning to work even if we do not study for school days.
  3. Person who values teamwork → We can never work alone. It becomes necessary to go out with any person well.


We think that intention "that we will do" after becoming member of society is important even if we cannot do it now. We will hope for people "from now on" more "until now".




Woodwork art design department




[adoption charge] President Yudai Kabashima

It is not the workplace if not fun!

We think that it suffers from making unhappy to make the life fun whether you can choose near job that was correct for eyes of oneself.

Our job is work to make furniture. Using wood of nature material, we have cuttlefish please with person in the world, or offer dekirukadato thinks impression and happiness to be again.

We hope for person who wants to do the making of such furniture seriously. "It is rare with favorite person of making furniture, this finger".




Car worker subject






Daihatsu, Saga sale

[adoption charge] Management Department General Administration Division Hirotaka Yoshida

Automotive industry surrounding us greatly changes for these past several years.

We are convinced of "it is ecological with compact" when we think about the issue of energy and global environment when it is keyword that is indispensable to development of car society in the future.

Therefore we cope with needs of customer who by contributing car which evolved "low price, good mileage, resource saving" more to customer in Daihatsu, Saga, diversifies.

To the service staff, it is demanded that we support comfortable car life of each customer from safety in high technique.

Of course fixed form work such as maintenance, check of car of customer plays a key role, but communication with customer becomes important to carry out a precise activity.

We put ourselves in customer's shoes and always demand human resources whom we are full of, and oneself can mature into through warm consideration as professional.




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