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Machine technology department

Do you not make Mr. Watanabe manufacturing work?
Yoshiyuki Watanabe (industrial technology section manager)

[message from instructor]

"Manufacturing" is necessary for knowledge and experience, but joy and sense of accomplishment when it was completed are particular.
In Industrial Technology Training School, we back up for employment to the first desired company with every effort. Let's do our best together!

Room teacher aim! Charisma certified technician

[message from instructor]

・gi "operation"…"Operation (means)" to perform the skill (work)…Method, means
・gi "ability"…"Ability" to perform the skill (work)…Power to accomplish
・Sense…"Sight" judging the processing good or bad that is in a state, "hearing", "sense of touch" ..., etc
・Knowledge…Learning of "theory" and "imperative construct" of each field
You acquire these by experience, and do you not aim at "charisma certified technician"?
We back up everybody who is "uncut stone" now who will shine in the future with every effort.

 The Mr. Kido will spirit of self-advancement

Taketo Kido

[message from instructor]

It is our job that supports person with will, the spirit of self-advancement with every effort.
Employment is said to be the times hard to please, but there is company feeling that it is short of human resources a lot now.
Do you not achieve employment to company to polish knowledge necessary for "manufacturing", skill, technique, and to aim at?
In this Industrial Technology Training School!

To engineer of the best Mr. Kamata in Japan!

Takuya Kamata

[message from instructor]

We are in charge of welding.
When we make building and ship, car, welding technology is technique utilized in the wide field.
We find a job in the manufacturing industry after the graduation and play an active part in without experience using machine and tool as adaptable fighting potential.
We learn welding technology that is basic technique of industry, and let's aim at "professional of welding"!

Electric system department

Mr. Yoshimura aim! Electrical engineer 

Yoshimura samurai

[message from instructor]

To keep comfortable life with our convenience. In addition, certain knowledge and "electrical engineer" with technique are essential to perform stable production in the production spot supporting manufacturing.
In electric system department, we support entering student with every effort to have the "electrical engineer" said to, "it is necessary" bring up.
We learn from zero about electricity and learn knowledge and technique, and a lot of seniors who acquire a more large number of qualifications, and play an active part in the on-site front line are.
We demand everybody challenging for future "electrical engineer".

 Mr. Yamada is fun, and let's aim at electrical engineer! 

Yosuke Yamada

[message from instructor]

As electricity is invisible thing, there is image to be difficult, but is all right as we push forward from the basics slowly and carefully! We back up about the acquisition of qualification necessary for employment of the electric field. We further stretch out place good at, and place that we do not like will send academy life happily while overcoming together!
We are waiting for entering of everybody with "motivation" to be electrical engineer.

Mr. Ujiie aim! Engineer who carries the future 

Shota Ujiie

[message from instructor]

"Electricity" is energy to do life of we human being wealthily. However, we cause disaster if we do not treat definitely and may threaten human life. Therefore "engineer" who learned electric knowledge and technique is required.
You to "want to do work to support life of people, and to do wealthily." Do you not learn the basics of "engineer" in Industrial Technology Training School? It is group with the same will and environment that by working together in competition, can learn many things.

Car worker subject

 Let's aim at Nakajima vice-academy long second class mechanic! 

Yasuhiro Nakajima (Manager of vice-academy)

[message from instructor]

We aim at the acquisition of car maintenance technology that customer can take by security in peace. A lot of occasion that touches the teaching materials such as cars to teach with a small number of people acquires ability.
"Person who likes car!" "Person who is obedient, and is motivated brightly!" Let's aim at qualification of the second grade automotive internist in Industrial Technology Training School together.

Mr. Kishi aim! Charisma mechanic 

Koji Kishi

[message from instructor]

Experience, knowledge do not need "loving car" if there are any passion including "we want to become professional mechanic" at all. Naturally the second grade mechanic qualification can learn further thing if determined.
We learn from the basics to hybrid, the latest mechanism including electric car happily well, and let's aim at professional mechanic!
We wait for person aiming at professional mechanic seriously.

 Mr. Matsuoka aim! The strongest engineer

Daisuke Matsuoka

[message from instructor]

Anyway, we like car! We want to come to like from now on! We want to do work to be engaged in car! We wait for person thinking about this.
Let alone "basic technology" of car maintenance "basic knowledge", we can bring in the body until technique, knowledge to work even after appearing in society (the spot).
We support the first step to dream of everybody with every effort.
"Aim strongest engineer!"

Mr. Hiyama aim! Mechanic which supports Saga

Hayato Hiyama

[message from instructor]

Car which supports life of Saga! Do you not support car society of Saga with your power?
We can learn technical thing about knowledge and repair and maintenance about car in car worker subject.
Qualification that can acquire approval of the second grade mechanic is given at the time of completion, and, in the workplace, car dealers are often found, and the rate of employment is 100% (2019), too!
Let alone person who is interested in car, we want a job that we contribute to Saga! We wait for person thinking of this!

Building, design department

Mr. Mizutamari architecture is fun

Puddle virtue Hiroshi

[message from instructor]

It is said to be "work to remain on map" well, is the greatest charm of job of building not that building remains in "the place?"
"We have not studied of building" "we are interested in building" ... that "we wanted architecture job"
We wait for such everybody. We will do our best toward employment with us!

Mr. Yamazaki will do the best! Japan

Takayuki Yamazaki

[message from instructor]

Having many kinds prepares for curriculum corresponding to needs of the diversifying building industry from basic knowledge such as steel reinforced concrete construction, steel-frame building to the acquisition of more practical technique from wooden construction in building, design department.
We look forward to that it is bright and is fine which is interested in and building including person thinking, "we want to be engaged in building works!" thinking "to want to design building!".

We come to like Mr. Tanaka architecture
Yuki Tanaka

[message from instructor]

We keep class when we can feel worth doing and pleasure of construction industry in mind.
Please feel relieved and tell about the type of job and qualification about building from the beginning.
Qualification and technique are things throughout the life. During satisfying two years, we will acquire power to be required in society.

Woodwork art design department

Mr. Anami passion art Stay hungry!! 

Masaaki Anami

[message from instructor]

Way of designer beginning with furniture. Design is all of life, and it is useful for from this by all means to learn. It is important to wear process of design. In woodwork art design department, we wear the skill to be able to make thing which we want to make through the skill and design work for making furniture. We prepare and look forward to curriculum to be able to walk towards realization of dream to open studios such as design or furniture while learning design and power to be able to make in a good balance, and working for affiliates.

 It is Stay foolish! in form for Mr. Tai passion 


[message from instructor]

It is ... with "hot thought"
We can acquire basic skill that we did well that can make "wooden goods loved by person to adhere to life, and to employ" form. And we can acquire rich idea power to bring about design and idea.
Dream can come true by all means. Let's make warmth of tree form for your "rich passion".

Mr. Kabashima manufacturing to be pleased, and to feel to be the great five senses.

Kohei Kabashima

[message from instructor]

"Tree" is material which it is easy to process in comparison with iron, but has profound what by just that much.
In woodwork art design department, we acquire basic thing and can feed power with materials called "tree" as product.
Let's do our best together to be able to get job to do own life wealthily!

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