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We learn at woodwork art design department << furniture production center. Designer >> who can make beginning with furniture

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Woodwork art design department


For "good kio work. It shines by design. We meet employment in "interior design gi.

"Ten 2-year capacity"

Interior design, the wood processing engineer training


◇Features of subject


◇Training environment

◇Qualification that we can acquire

◇Main workplace

◇Message from academy student 


Features of subject

By practical menu which is plain until idea idea and design design, production in woodwork art design department,

Mainly as engineer and designers such as makers of various places throughout furniture production center and the prefecture

We can acquire necessary knowledge and technique in peace even for the first time.
By design, we have evaluation from expert by attractive presentation,
In engineers, the employment system as specialist job of interior is substantial at high national examination pass percentage, too.



Training scenery 1
<< we want to work as engineer >>
Wear the basics that did well, by cooperation with trade group,
100% of prefecture rate of employment.
Training scenery 2
<< we want to acquire qualification to be related >>
National qualifications second grade of "furniture", third grade, 5 consecutive years pass 100%.
Training scenery 3
<< we want to do work making use of design >>
We learn design by taking advantage of "we can make" practically.
Training scenery 4
<< we think about future and want to study widely >>
We learn from woodwork to interior, visual design widely.


1 annual [furniture technical skill test third grade level]

Mainly on the skill of plane wood processing, we learn basics such as care for tool.

In addition, we learn the idea idea method and ergonomics, the welfare of house to become the basics of product design and wear the skill to think about by oneself.

One year training photograph 1 One year training 4 One year training 3


Flash to pleasure. We learn the making of product with idea.



Product design outline
CAD/CAM outline
Safe hygiene
Woodwork basics subject

* Materials
* Wood processing method
* Machine for woodwork
* Wood paintwork
* Interior outline

Industrial design drafting training
Plan design training
Woodwork CAD training
Display venue training
Woodwork basics training

* Care for basic tool
* Woodwork work basics training
* Class doorcase basics training
* The painting basics training
* Interior construction training



2 annual [furniture technical skill test second grade level]

Application develops rich idea power and power to plan and can express by product production.

And we wear the skill that can perform a series of processes by oneself.

Two years training 1 Two years training 2 Two years training 3


Feeling is good for all people. We learn the making of considerate product



The design law
Sight design outline
Interior design outline
Interior plan
Woodwork application subject

* Industrial engineering outline
* Specifications and multiplication
* Machine for woodwork
* NC programming

Design molding training
Sight design drafting training
Display venue training
Woodwork applied training

* Woodwork product production training
* Woodworking machine operation training
* Wood dry training
* NC work machine operation training



Training environment

Facilities which can cope with process that and suggestion madeno kan did design, production from plan are satisfying.

・CAD/CAM design apparatus
・Mac design apparatus
・Shooting studio
・Machine processing room for woodwork
・Wood processing room
・The painting practice room



Qualification that we can acquire

Qualification that we can acquire during attendance at school

・The cabinetry certified technician second grade, the third grade (furniture hand processing)
・The welfare living environment coordinator second grade, the third grade
・Color coordinator
・Four kinds of dangerous materials handler second
・Identification of organic solvent work chief person skill class completion
・Identification of forklift driving skill class completion
・We let you be with grinding and we educate in particular and complete and prove exchange duties (freely for grinding)
・Assistant certified technician



Qualification that we can acquire after the completion

・The housing part production certified technician second grade
・The machine woodwork certified technician second grade
・The mounting certified technician second grade



Main workplace

We aim at employment mainly on furniture production center maker and local order maker in various places throughout the prefecture.
We achieve 100% of rate of employment to the prefecture company for 7 consecutive years.


・Hirata chair Seisakusho
・Asuka studio
・Iwane crafts
・Matsuda woodwork
・Miyoshi woodwork
・Murayama studio
・Wood worker



Message from academy student

Academy straight comment
Two years when we can realize own growth!
Woodwork art design department seventh graduate Toya Matsuo

 When we decided course in graduation from high school, we wanted to learn "woodwork" properly and decided entering nationwide in "woodwork art design course" which could learn a few woodwork technologies and designs. There was not experience, but was able to learn wide knowledge and technique to how to sharpen knives and hand processing and machine processing, thing of design in two years.
 And "silver medal" could win "special prize" in interior design contest that competed with university students by young fellow manufacturing tournament because teachers told carefully and realized own growth very much.
 In addition, learned from relation person with various people through this academy life and was able to have confidence that we could do even if social appeared. We recommend woodwork art design department that employment preparations to the industry to aim at can keep strong.
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