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Summary and characteristic of JR Shin-Tosu Station

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In sightseeing of whole Kyushu, base of interchange

 Station (Nagasaki Main Line JR Shin-Tosu Station) of conventional line is added to JR Shin-Tosu Station, and all trains including limited express stop. To Nagasaki, the Sasebo area can change,
By railroad centering on JR Shin-Tosu Station is movable. In Harankogamachi, Tosu-shi (JR Nagasaki Main Line from Tosu Station to the west from about 2.9 kilos, Hizenfumoto Station to the east point of about 1.3 kilos)
It is located.

JR Shin-Tosu Station photograph

JR Shin-Tosu Station outskirts figure

 There is park & ride parking lot (municipal management) of 300 yen until 100 yen, 24 hours until 12 hours when it can accommodate about 600 around station and is convenient for commuting, attending school or business trip.
 In addition, the station square of the Shinkansen includes sightseeing bus pools (for 20) where northern Kyushu becomes the largest and can expect that sightseeing and interchange in Kyushu become active.

We are fully equipped with public toilet supporting universal design party traveler-adaptive on the first floor of the station. There is the done shelter sidewalk belonging to of coming alongside so that traffic with bus is smooth at the west exit station square. In addition, it is convenient for access to Kyushu International Heavy Ion Beam Therapy Center.

  • Access from JR Shin-Tosu Station to various places throughout Kyushu 

       JR Shin-Tosu Station is near about ten minutes by car to Tosu junction where expressway of Kyushu crosses, and access to various places throughout Kyushu is very convenient.


    It is about 140 minutes by car by limited express train by car by limited express train by car by car by car by car by car by car to Hakata Kumamoto to about 90 minutes, Aso to about 80 minutes, Nagasaki-shi to about 80 minutes, Huis Ten Bosch to about 70 minutes, Yufuin to about 60 minutes, Kumamoto-shi to about 50 minutes, Ureshino Onsen to about 30 minutes, Saga-shi to range, Yoshinogari Historical Park for about 100 minutes for about 90 minutes for 30 minutes

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